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Sep 9, 2013

Talli - touching

Movie:  Sukumarudu

For some reason, I liked this movie a lot, it is a good one, good values, good performances, good comedy... and I guess my village routes are speaking..

In this movie towards the end MS recites this padyam which kind of touched instantly and kept lingering.

Talli ledantaaru Sivudiki talli ledantaaru
tallunte jadalatlu kattanicchena
tallunte puli tolu chuttanicchena
tallunte vibhooti raayanincchena
tallunte smasaanalaa tiraganicchena
talliledantarau sivudiki talli ledantaaru
talli leni sivude anta ghanudaite
talli unna sivudu inka ghanudaguno...

True... a mother, the true well wisher, no one can replace her.. As we approach the first anniversary of OA's mother it hurts to see him not having one.  To be true to myself, she has been one of the very best and dedicated moms I had come across, so blindly facing the world to protect and shield the children in her own way from evils that she perceived, she did what they expected her to do, did not care if that translated to her being the monster... and it hurts even more to realize that it took her life eventually way too earlier.. well, at least she is at peace, free from all the blame that she carried on her to protect her offspring.

Sep 8, 2013

A long pending loooooooooooong list

I loved this movie, enjoyed it thoroughly through and through, got that old world charm and feel and the root values and core feelings.  Sarada, man!! she is stylish, even at this age.. I love her long, slender fingers and they are just so intact even at this age.  Adi is a good overall package, though he reminded me of his dad almost always :-) and Nisha her elder sister..

Given 0 rating by IBN, I do not really think it was that bad to be compared to Ram Gopal Varma's Aag or whatever but seriously for the hype so big and the old epic comparison it comes as a total dud.. loved Charan's solid base voice though, and hated Priyanka's cackle :-p.

Antaku Mundu Aa Taruvata
Liked this movie a lot, the current generation movie, so contemporary tackling the sensitive issue of living in, love, making the relationships last and all that, most sensitively portrayed movie in the current times.. Loved the performances, the hero, heroine, the storyline.  It however made me feel too old to be called contemporary, will I accept if it were to be the kid kept looming in my head, but eventually if it is as sensible as this or even otherwise, I guess I would.

Saw the hindi movie, it was good, liked it, unrealistic but good entertainment.

Singam - 2
This time watched the telugu movie, did not watch Yamudu, but when I tried to compare Ajay Devgan and Surya, I liked Surya better but must agree that these are the 2 guys I respect both for performances as well as personal front.. movie is again a make-believe, unrealistic one but good.

I am Kalaam
It is a story set in rural backdrop of Rajasthan, the friendship between kids of unequal social strata, the desire to do the best, to study, the acceptance of reality, the desire to be Kalaam being inspired by his speech on TV for a kid working in a small dhaba.. loved everything about the movie.

Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang
Supposed to be a kid movie, but I enjoyed watching it with the kid.. the animation movies are something that I do not really like but yes, with the kid priorities change.

Saradaagaa Ammaayitho
I still do not understand how Varun Sandesh survives in the industry with flop after flop after flop and just one Happy Days, mystery!!  Very unrealistically made, although with a good intent, showing girls in a cheaper light, easily forgettable movie.

A movie that i really looked forward to watch inspite of warnings for the well wishers, it turned out to be just fine.  The core feeling that is depicted in the movie is good, the portrayal of the characters is good, but for the mainstream cinema it does not fit into the mould.  Watching a roly poly Aravind Swamy reminded me of Merupu kalalu and Mumbai and all those drooling days with a reality check :-p

Madras Cafe
More like a political documentary, the movie was good, fast paced, dealing around the circumstances of Rajiv's death and the lankan/tamilian perspective to it.. good watch.

Chennai Express
Mindlessly hilarious movie.. Shahrukh returns with this, loved Deepika Padukone and everything about it, paisa vasool entertainment.

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