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Sep 9, 2013

Talli - touching

Movie:  Sukumarudu

For some reason, I liked this movie a lot, it is a good one, good values, good performances, good comedy... and I guess my village routes are speaking..

In this movie towards the end MS recites this padyam which kind of touched instantly and kept lingering.

Talli ledantaaru Sivudiki talli ledantaaru
tallunte jadalatlu kattanicchena
tallunte puli tolu chuttanicchena
tallunte vibhooti raayanincchena
tallunte smasaanalaa tiraganicchena
talliledantarau sivudiki talli ledantaaru
talli leni sivude anta ghanudaite
talli unna sivudu inka ghanudaguno...

True... a mother, the true well wisher, no one can replace her.. As we approach the first anniversary of OA's mother it hurts to see him not having one.  To be true to myself, she has been one of the very best and dedicated moms I had come across, so blindly facing the world to protect and shield the children in her own way from evils that she perceived, she did what they expected her to do, did not care if that translated to her being the monster... and it hurts even more to realize that it took her life eventually way too earlier.. well, at least she is at peace, free from all the blame that she carried on her to protect her offspring.


TP SR said...

Very happy to see this blog. It is very nice experience while going through your creatives. Will visit again I am available here

siva sai said...

From which book this writing was originally taken from?

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