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Oct 23, 2013

Been a while..

Too many things happening at the same nothing really changing to me within...

We moved with the United States, new place far away from the previous one, huge change in terms of lifestyle, climate and a lot of things.  Just as we were thinking that we were set in US, this change.  Well, it is good in a way that things will be more under our control or maybe not!! but still we decide to take that chance and try for the much wanted GC, most of our generations dream.  Yes, we have fallen for it and yes, we have a lot of reasons for that.. he,he,he.. who doesn't?  So the journey with so many hopes begins...

I am very laidback, totally hopelessly tv and FB addicted and hence the delay in posting.. I need to free myself of the clutches and do something worthwhile... let us see if the change in place does something to my all time low motivation...

and how have you all been??  Chaitu, this one is for you, I will be doing more.. I kind of feel my identity is lost somewhere in the flow of those crappy tv serials... need to be back ASAP.

1 comment:

chaitu said...

Thanks Sree!!Gud to see you backin form again!!Me Happies!!!

Wish you have Wonderful time there in new place and ur GC aspiration come true !!

Wish u the best always!!!!


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