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Oct 25, 2013


There is a lot of uncertainty and a need to settle fast...another couple of weeks our corporate accommodation comes to an end, the kid has been out of school for the past 2 weeks, she is bored, through with her break and raring to go to school.  She cannot go to pre-k school as the elementary schools start from KG over here and back to the church school grind which again would mean that she needs to wait till we find an accommodation..

Me on the other side have all sorts of ailments physical and mental finding all sorts of excuses not to do anything constructive from the gloomy weather to state of mind... depression of another kind which is just pulling me down but then again what kind of a self image am I projecting to myself, it gets worse if i keep thinking that way and do nothing.

Yesterday was the worst, broke the ipad screen yet again, burnt milk bowl in the oven forgetting to set off the bake mode while trying to make curd, milk spilled on the stove shutting it down and me not realizing until there was smell all over the home... phew, I need to get used to cooking on gas stoves in US, scary!!!  There are loads of clothes waiting to be washed, folded and storted, the current residence is a mess, the kid is bored and there I am staring into the sky or immersing myself in the damn tv.... escaping the duties... need to buck up...

well, it is tough to put it even on the blog but I think this is just the beginning and I get some sense of purpose very soon..

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