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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Nov 11, 2013

New Home

In our new home, in a new place, scared to start with, fitting in finally... moving is back breaking.. and yes, there is an urgent need to declutter... 25% of the unpacking is done, no single room is actually set, too many boxes, too much of wrapping material, too many things lying around...

kid is fitting in, feeling bored, tired and neglected in all the process... am dog tired too.. need to sleep...

Nov 10, 2013


Each night over the past few days I make mental posts to be on the blog but I dont get to post them... lot of things happening, finalized the house, had too many initial hiccups and set backs and doubts and eventually settled for the corner most house in the top most floor, it is such a huge risk that we just took... could not decide if it were to be a yes or no but took baba's help, put the chits and picked it to go and yes, we have decided to brave it out.

New state, new rules... new living, new stresses, confusion and then clarity...

One thing I realize out here is the need to de-clutter, as soon as I settle into a routine, one thing we plan to do is that.. de-clutter take out as much stuff as possible, pass on, donate, whatever..!

Dog tired.. already and we have not yet moved...

All the while we have stayed closer to ground, on the ground actually... this is the first time so high... where we are in touch with all the 5 elements in the close proximity, it is scary... please wish us good luck, we need it a lot...

coming to the regular posts, i will try but I guess it is a wrong time for NaBloPoMo.. I will make up for the skipped posts though...

Nov 6, 2013


Been to library today as well, the story time was awesome, the way things are told in stories and songs and dances is really really nice in US.  The kid had a blast.  We just love the library out here, the kid zone especially awesome, always an assistant to help you with reading choices, very friendly and informative, ipads for kids to play with wonderful apps, the computers, the mini fish tank, play zone, book corner, the collection, every thing about it is plain awesome.

One thing I have noticed is I have been really really happy, happy seeing people out on roads, happy just watching them go about life, those smiles, those thinkers, those crazily dressed guys, those scary ones, the tiny tots in strollers.. life as it happens, so many people that you do not know, may not see again but people who have a lot going in their lives... it gives me the feeling of being alive.  Now I know what I had been missing all this time, the contact with life, observing it as an outsider rather than being a part of it and struggling to make it work... just seeing it pass by for a few minutes in a day.  The ability to be randomly spontaneous and do whatever you want, just walk outside and see things happening...

there is so much of energy and positivity that I get from it all...

a happy day...

Nov 5, 2013

Mixed Emotions

The day has seen a lot of positive changes in that we walked all the 3 blocks to the library, had lots of fun, just loved all the activities out there for kids, elders.  Forgot to take the passport, as I do not have the new address in new place, we need to go with the temporary card and get registered first.  All in all a fun filled day with the kid getting a 5-book gift from Peter The Rabbit in some promotional campaign by KPMG's KFFL volunteers with an activity book and lots of crayons, what more can a kid ask and then a top of the world mom moment when the kid all by herself spells out the word "colorosaurus" and pronounces it perfectly...!! A perfect day beginning at 11:30, seeing houses, picking and narrowing down on one, to the library, lots of maze games, a hearty lunch at Mc'D with yet another book for the day as the toy, walking back in the cold, meeting and making a couple of new friends for the kid..

Then came the scary moment where the fire alarms went on and on and on for a while where we checked out through the doors, windows and then realized that everyone is out and we need to be too, in stead of waking up the deep sleep kid, wrap the kid in a fleece blanket and OH climbing down with her all the way down, the beeps, the booms, the insecurity, the fear of unknown, the lights of a fire engine, the fire workers, felt like too much and then came the deep rooted fears of our decision to take up residence in a high-rise, the top most floor at that.. bit too scary, need to re-talk and negotiate a deal to change the plan to a lower one, deep inside feel like it is an omen for us or maybe not... 

A big day ahead... the school query, the house query, the library... too much confusion.

Nov 4, 2013


I have this habit of picking up things which are not needed at a time, just in hope, i might use it some time or maybe because it is cheap on sale and keeping piling stuff up which I might hardly ever use, an extremely bad habit of mine.  When we made the move recently, I was amazed at my capability, we came in to US with 6 suitcases, 2 for each of us and ended up making it to a full sized truck just in a matter of 10 months...

We set about walking outside today, in oversized boots and leather jacket of the OH, dressed up to battle the cold in thick thick layers, masked off, covered up ears and added bulk to the already volume-filled body of mine and the thin frame of the kid and set out to the library.. well, we could not actually go where we intended to because it was way too cold, no prizes for guessing, went in to target and got some absolutely unnecessary stuff once again...another thing to keep a check on... cut the needless stuff at home, the first and foremost thing to do once we settle in the new home.

Coming to TV watching, yay, I did lessen it a bit... great job...

Nov 3, 2013

Day 2.. the beginning.

I have actually realized that this is my first October-November in US.  It has gotten dark really very early and has given the sneak peak of how the rest of winter is going to be... for me, it spells scary!!

Thought of actually not watching TV or net, but could not.. though in a way, it has been less and some productive out come had actually been there..  Need to focus more and be consciously away from it.

Nov 2, 2013

NaBloPoMo - November

I am a day late to begin with the intentional posts but had actually inadvertently posted one yesterday anyways I will continue for a day more simple :-p..

Finally, we were able to narrow down on an apartment complex, we just need to pick the apartment number and building and the move-in date.  Just hope the kid gets to go to the school that I really want her to, the 8 to 2 one during which time she will be engaged in a lot more creative activities than she would at home.

I really do not understand why and how this lazy, parasite attitude has set in me.  Watching TV, doing nothing, not even reading, addiction of the worst sort to the point of neglecting the kid.  Need to shake it off really really bad to set an example for the kid.

Let us see if by the end of the month, I be a better person that I set out to be at the time of typing this.

Good luck to us!

Nov 1, 2013

It Happens...!

Very close to life depiction of life in US, liked it... good effort.

For Evil Eyes on LO