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Nov 6, 2013


Been to library today as well, the story time was awesome, the way things are told in stories and songs and dances is really really nice in US.  The kid had a blast.  We just love the library out here, the kid zone especially awesome, always an assistant to help you with reading choices, very friendly and informative, ipads for kids to play with wonderful apps, the computers, the mini fish tank, play zone, book corner, the collection, every thing about it is plain awesome.

One thing I have noticed is I have been really really happy, happy seeing people out on roads, happy just watching them go about life, those smiles, those thinkers, those crazily dressed guys, those scary ones, the tiny tots in strollers.. life as it happens, so many people that you do not know, may not see again but people who have a lot going in their lives... it gives me the feeling of being alive.  Now I know what I had been missing all this time, the contact with life, observing it as an outsider rather than being a part of it and struggling to make it work... just seeing it pass by for a few minutes in a day.  The ability to be randomly spontaneous and do whatever you want, just walk outside and see things happening...

there is so much of energy and positivity that I get from it all...

a happy day...

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