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Nov 5, 2013

Mixed Emotions

The day has seen a lot of positive changes in that we walked all the 3 blocks to the library, had lots of fun, just loved all the activities out there for kids, elders.  Forgot to take the passport, as I do not have the new address in new place, we need to go with the temporary card and get registered first.  All in all a fun filled day with the kid getting a 5-book gift from Peter The Rabbit in some promotional campaign by KPMG's KFFL volunteers with an activity book and lots of crayons, what more can a kid ask and then a top of the world mom moment when the kid all by herself spells out the word "colorosaurus" and pronounces it perfectly...!! A perfect day beginning at 11:30, seeing houses, picking and narrowing down on one, to the library, lots of maze games, a hearty lunch at Mc'D with yet another book for the day as the toy, walking back in the cold, meeting and making a couple of new friends for the kid..

Then came the scary moment where the fire alarms went on and on and on for a while where we checked out through the doors, windows and then realized that everyone is out and we need to be too, in stead of waking up the deep sleep kid, wrap the kid in a fleece blanket and OH climbing down with her all the way down, the beeps, the booms, the insecurity, the fear of unknown, the lights of a fire engine, the fire workers, felt like too much and then came the deep rooted fears of our decision to take up residence in a high-rise, the top most floor at that.. bit too scary, need to re-talk and negotiate a deal to change the plan to a lower one, deep inside feel like it is an omen for us or maybe not... 

A big day ahead... the school query, the house query, the library... too much confusion.

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