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Nov 2, 2013

NaBloPoMo - November

I am a day late to begin with the intentional posts but had actually inadvertently posted one yesterday anyways I will continue for a day more simple :-p..

Finally, we were able to narrow down on an apartment complex, we just need to pick the apartment number and building and the move-in date.  Just hope the kid gets to go to the school that I really want her to, the 8 to 2 one during which time she will be engaged in a lot more creative activities than she would at home.

I really do not understand why and how this lazy, parasite attitude has set in me.  Watching TV, doing nothing, not even reading, addiction of the worst sort to the point of neglecting the kid.  Need to shake it off really really bad to set an example for the kid.

Let us see if by the end of the month, I be a better person that I set out to be at the time of typing this.

Good luck to us!

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