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Nov 4, 2013


I have this habit of picking up things which are not needed at a time, just in hope, i might use it some time or maybe because it is cheap on sale and keeping piling stuff up which I might hardly ever use, an extremely bad habit of mine.  When we made the move recently, I was amazed at my capability, we came in to US with 6 suitcases, 2 for each of us and ended up making it to a full sized truck just in a matter of 10 months...

We set about walking outside today, in oversized boots and leather jacket of the OH, dressed up to battle the cold in thick thick layers, masked off, covered up ears and added bulk to the already volume-filled body of mine and the thin frame of the kid and set out to the library.. well, we could not actually go where we intended to because it was way too cold, no prizes for guessing, went in to target and got some absolutely unnecessary stuff once again...another thing to keep a check on... cut the needless stuff at home, the first and foremost thing to do once we settle in the new home.

Coming to TV watching, yay, I did lessen it a bit... great job...

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