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Nov 10, 2013


Each night over the past few days I make mental posts to be on the blog but I dont get to post them... lot of things happening, finalized the house, had too many initial hiccups and set backs and doubts and eventually settled for the corner most house in the top most floor, it is such a huge risk that we just took... could not decide if it were to be a yes or no but took baba's help, put the chits and picked it to go and yes, we have decided to brave it out.

New state, new rules... new living, new stresses, confusion and then clarity...

One thing I realize out here is the need to de-clutter, as soon as I settle into a routine, one thing we plan to do is that.. de-clutter take out as much stuff as possible, pass on, donate, whatever..!

Dog tired.. already and we have not yet moved...

All the while we have stayed closer to ground, on the ground actually... this is the first time so high... where we are in touch with all the 5 elements in the close proximity, it is scary... please wish us good luck, we need it a lot...

coming to the regular posts, i will try but I guess it is a wrong time for NaBloPoMo.. I will make up for the skipped posts though...

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