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Dec 10, 2013

Few Simpler Notes

This post has been long pending.. I always valued a few things in my life and through a tornado of change that engulfed me, they remained the same, the bend towards simplicity.  The other day I was watching a cookery show in Maa TV by chance where I stumbled upon this segment by Amala Akkineni and as usual was stumped by her simplicity, loved a few comment she made about the jewels, that her kids and husband are her ornaments... true when I have the most precious thing in the world what is it with material stuff, so as a result there go the finger rings that I tend to adorn my fingers with and also the tiny hangings that I put on my ears.. how long will this last, no idea but guess for life..

A few things that upset me a lot in the recent past are the frequent cancer deaths that one hears of, young and just like that gone, not too old and just like that gone... celebrities hit we commonly mourn but in general there are so many of us in our lives.. that gets me to the point of daily detoxification, meditation which I am clearly not doing... phew... sigh!!!

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