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Jan 30, 2014

10 days after..

with yet another resolution of daily blogging gone for a toss... I am here, accomplishing a few things, not reaching a few goals.  We set up a routine for school and home, doing the writing assignments EVVERYY SINGGGLE DDAY!! well, that is how the LO starts cribbing the moment I say it is the assignment time.

Well, we have been consistently doing so, so as not to forget what we already know, the writing is improved a bit with the ruled paper but on a white paper it is still a liberal spreading of black pencil in vaguely recognizable shapes that we usually call alphabets :-p.

Teaching her to read on her own, phonics help a lot and also the super reader.. the OA has gotten some Bob's books on advise from his colleagues but I find the general talk and the Leapfrog Word Fridge Phonics doing a better job at it and also the Vocabulary Power Reading sight words stuff a lot more fun than the Dot, Mit, Sam, Mat Bob's books but they are good too, can take the turns and get them done, need to see what works out better for her... for now she is on a learning curve.

There are times when she brings out her rebellion streak and we let it go but with her still not getting into the school system and we not being able to afford private schooling in more ways than material as of now, what to do, need to put her through these learning sessions every single week day.

For someone who had been a total stranger in this part of the world, who hardly knew anything in English, who mugged up answers for What is Your Name, Where do You live and Where are You Going in that very order and any change in that order would throw her out to a person who hardly speaks our mother tongue, it has been an incredible journey for her.

Too many changes, too much of accommodations on her part, and then my failing health and my changing behavior and attitude towards life, must say she has been through a lot and the blessing she is, taken it all in her stride and moved on.  When people credit me for her good behavior and maturity levels and the person she is today, I am like what has been my contribution ever, I just lucked out on having her.  She is in that absorption phase and asking intelligent questions about anything and everything and actually soaking in the answers and replicating them properly in day to day life, making intelligent conservations and not just blabbering.  There are times I wish that I have a normal toddler with junglee ways and gay abandon of childhood than this tiny adult staring at me.  I want her to enjoy life as it comes, play and not worry and yet not lose the emotional connect to an adult.  I know I am expecting too much out of her and in her own way she has been exceeding every limit set (touchwood).

The schooling hunt, yet another one is going to be a major deciding factor for our next year stay, 4 schools, one of which I want her to get in badly because of its International Baccalaureate program, keeping my fingers crossed.  Lack of regular schooling in a way, it has been a blessing for her, the regular school grind that began at 7:40 to 3:30 was kind of too much for the tiny body another year of rest would not do any harm provided we channelize her energy in more constructive ways.

She loves painting, sketching, cleaning, jumping around and of course watching TV/ipad... My Little Pony and Jake and The Neverland pirates being the top favorites, followed closely by Super Why??  Thank God, she is not into the princess stuff yet... but yes, she is into the pink and purple mode already, nauseating to be surrounded by an overdose of these colors, but hey cant ask for more, I have seen worse addiction of kids where they actually emulate the princess they want to be..

Talking in Telugu, well getting to that is a point of another post which would kind of go on and on but yes, I will venture into it soon.

Eating, touchwood, we have come to an understanding that she needs to understand her growing nutrition needs and the need to feed herself and we are slowly getting there, though not all food groups she is slowly into drinking milk on her own (she needs to have a growth spurt and grow taller and stronger and healthier, something she learnt from her school or picked up somewhere), eating some fruits and nuts and egg with a little chicken here and there, so as long as she is not starving or having malnutrition issues, I am not really worried as to the small quantities she eats which might raise many an eyebrows of conservative feed the kid to her fullest type of parents.

Of late, I have noticed that I have become really content in my own world and skin thanking God for what I have and the journey of life that we have come this far.  A long and lengthy conversation with the brother makes me even more so.  Some things and events disturb me but all in all, I have become a lot more positive than earlier and the anger is just a fizz.. knock on the wood and a truly kalaa tika post I guess..

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