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Jan 21, 2014


Of late, I have been neglecting my personal space and limiting myself to the microblogging in FB.  Here, I am semi anonymous wherein people get know the real me only after reading about me, those who take time to know me like me.. but there it is the people who know me, have an opinion on me, that follow me and happen to think i have loads and loads and loads of time to while away on Social networking literally doing nothing.  Well, it is not just them but I myself feel that some times...

a lot of things have been impacting me for a while but first things first, I am trying to turn modern or maybe get comfortable with my blown up body :-p and get into the much needed attire of the hour, the western wear not to stand out in the crowd that I happen to live with.

kid is growing up fast, some times surprising me beyond expectations, things are good on that front (touchwood).

Me and OA have come to a peaceful coexistence without huge wars, just a few tiffs and then forgetting that in a minute, so must say PEACE is prevailing in the house.

I have been thoroughly upset about certain things which I very much want to put on the blog, will need to do...

so personally I think my post a day resolution starts today, let us see how far it goes..

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chaitu said...

post a day??? WOW! I will be very happyif i see post once a week atleaast!:P

Here is ur admirer waiting to here anything and everything from you!!:)


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