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Jan 31, 2014

Movie Post

Uyyaala-Jampaala -
 Feels like a fresh breeze, sweet, innocent cute love story and natural performances by Raj Tharun and Avika, the story next door feel transporting us to a perfect world of make believe. Worth every penny.. watch it on releaseday.

 Emo Gurram Egaraa Vacchu -
 One more refreshing village and old world feel story, easy breezy simple watch... For the viewer to like the movie, there needs to be a rural connect to appreciate the feelings involved. I loved it, especially... "Bullabbaayiki salahaalivoddu...". Of course, what more can one expect from an ardent Sumanth admirer

 undoubtedly ahead of its times movie for the typical mass Telugu audience who actually buy a ticket and watch it but a truly credible and worthy attempt by Sukumar and Mahesh, one of its kind!!! Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it even though it felt stretched at times. I am actually surprised as to why people say it is not understandable or confusing or both . It is just that it is not a routine fun watch.

Love You Bangaaram
A movie with a concept but overdose of sex and offensive content, well it might happen but looks like a complete c-grade movie or worse...reminded me of one more movie that I saw about Ameerpet hostels though I do not remember the name.

Must say Charan and Bunny always manage to get good story lines and music and one more thing is I like his voice for some reason, dialogue delivery is whole another thing though :-p.  Thoroughly enjoyed watching it.  Typical mass masala with interesting turns and twists.

A surprisingly gripping story of an interview within a closed group for a top position in a social service organization in which the finalists are locked in a room with a plain paper in which they are supposed to answer a question which is not known to them.. how they figure it out and who emerges the winner and what the human emotions revealed are during that phase forms the gist of it.  Loved it.

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