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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Feb 21, 2014

Boiling, seething...

I just happened to watch a Live telecast on NTV, an interview with JP and the blood boils, the psycho anchor, Kommineni Srinivas Rao or whatever, to me kind of represented the face of current day media and senseless herd mentality people.  I cannot suffer fools or tolerate for long, hats off to the 2 guests who bore the torture in the early hours of the day, i actually pity them both.

 If I were to list out one person whom I could entrust to my daughter's future blindly other than OA, it would be JP but if I  were to choose a leader in this current day scenario, I would have been hesitant, rather had been hesitant to pick him.  I still feel CBN can rule with an iron fist than JP but then maybe I am wrong and he would prove me wrong and to be honest deep down, I would like it to happen.  He had been the true whistle blower, a solution provider and a positive progress oriented thinker who is the true well wisher of both the regions who is abused by both the regions equally.

Mahatma Gandhi, no I have not seen  him in person and thanks to the media and internet and questionable historians I have my own doubts about the credibility of his intentions and his political nepotism and of course the subsequent Gandhis have all added much more muck to that surname.. again, I digress... to be back no track, if there is one person whom I call a true fighter and a survivor and an individual who is the best humanly possible virtue personified it is just JP.

I am sometimes unreasonably expecting something from this lone warrior, curse him for being diplomatic and not going all out to catch the throats of the wrong does but he always is/has/will be what he promises to be... a whistle blower in the society.  If I doubt him, it is my shortcoming of heavy expectations  but not his, he had been doing his duty irrespective of what millions like me feels, say, do.

I can just bark for a while in the social forum but be quiet... but he barks and even bites when  there is a need.

In my dreams I would want CBN the administrator working/putting JP's plans in implementation under a highly dedicated, educated, service oriented, non-criminal, able-bodied and minded political enthusiasts who actually want to make a change and see the difference.

Feb 18, 2014

29th state and my state of mind..

What happened today back home in Delhi is an inevitable decision. With so much pent up anger in the common man from deep within, it will always be a struggle. Just hope stability prevails soon and all the energies diverted to stop something as evident as this one are directed towards individual development and one hears of just public development SCHEMES and not personal development SCAMS coming forward!

 Public/political outcry, I had been the one who seethed and boiled within but eventually it does not really matter, similarly everyone would just come to acceptance and move along. No point living under such immense stress and struggle.

With intense focus on developing educational institutes in both areas and building a separate capital and diverting our energies towards a better living is most crucial.

Good luck AP...!  For now I am seeking solace, comfort, solution in the point that I am a global citizen and geographical boundaries do not bind me or bother me any longer 'cos I have not invested what I should have in my motherland emotionally to ruin it my present state of mind and also going forward.

Like the OA perfectly summarizes the situation those politicians seeking personal gains citing Telangana are like dogs chasing/racing purposelessly, aimlessly behind moving cars who do not know what to do once they win the race who get hit mercilessly by an unsuspecting vehicle passing on the same road...

 separate anevaallu car venaka parigette kukkallaanti vaallu, purposeless chase edokati chestunnaaru... ippudu jarigindi enti ante vaallu carni kooda suprass chesi vellipoyi dokkalegaresukuntoo waiting, pakkaninchi unexpected directionlo inkotedo vehicle vacchi guddi padestadi peeda poddi... just hope in all the mad rush and selfish motives, the real interest of the common man in Telangana are not lost and they get the well deserving attention and solution to the problems they have been plagued with from quite some time...

Feb 17, 2014

Judging a book by its cover

There are many people who actually surprise us as we get to know them.  For some reason, Puri Jagannath as a director has always kind of irritated me, always enjoyed his movies but the language that seeps in kind of irritates my some times conservative movie watching approach, somehow felt the way the ladies are addressed spells arrogance and at times cheap and this kind of killed my interest in trying to get him know further.

One thing that I have always admired is he still manages to look like youth even at this age, the way he has managed to stay and look young, his love to his wife, to his work.

The reason for this post is I thoroughly enjoyed Open Heart with him this week and some points are etched in the memory for like ever..

Only nature can give us the real problems, what the man gives is nothing.
His concept of God, belief.. kind of echoes mine tha t he wont be doing "the paaki job" of keeping track of minute silly things, be scared of the mokkulu.
my ardent desire of having a tattoo :) got even more stronger
regarding exercise and his straight forward nature, acknowledging roots, looking into self... and maybe his overall thought process... just loved, loved loved.

I am still not 100% convinced by his answer for the characters tone and language addressing the women but do agree that women as the role is perceived are strong.

Feb 16, 2014

Happy tears

With a kid at home, it is too very often you tend to get them.  Made chicken for the kid today, absolutely no spice, just the way she loves with the cashew gravy and for some reason she just came and asked me to turn around, thought she would give me a hug and obliged to find her prostrating on the floor and saying I love you amma, you made my heart fill with pride... do you love me too amma???.  Something I have never ever taught her to do, no idea where she picked it too, blanked out for a few seconds and then could not resist the tears...

and with this grows the increased urge to be better and be the ONE that she really needs.

Feb 13, 2014

A deep rooted fear...

For us to send the kid to private school itself is a very big thing, economically speaking, daaniki taggattu cars, houses, parties, lifestyle maintain cheyyaali ante we cannot and also to my thinking extravagance is what we consciously avoid, both me and the OA.  Some times I feel if we are depriving the kid of a lot of things because of the way we look at life, like the kids her age have so many accessories, toys, dresses, etc. whereas we choose to invest on learning, giving, sharing stuff and prefer simplicity.

Like we believe in comfort living than luxury even if we can afford, so in one corner there is a feeling that she goes to private education here in US or back in India to an International/expensive school, she will lose touch with reality... maybe it is just a fear but still it is something we are NOT equipped to deal with, so public schooling suits us just about fine and we can spend what we save in schooling for providing better aides to learning...

If I were to be in India, in rural areas, I have contemplated joining the kid in govt. school English medium, but then again, that is how I think... I cannot convince myself otherwise because I believe in it.. Again, coming to think of it, even if I could afford, I don't think I would send the kid to a private school, not unless I check the waters in public school system and see how she copes in case it gets really bad, maybe think about an alternative if things are so pressed.

How she turns out is entirely unpredictable but there are some things that I would like to see in her, compassion and an overall appreciation of what we have than a craving for what we dont.  I know it is highly impractical for us to expect she can understand any of it at all but still we TRY..

Feb 11, 2014


I have kind of almost stopped putting up the milestones of the kid anywhere... but realize what a big mistake it had been...

today is the first day she put together a 48-piece puzzle on her own, yes we are inching towards progress, a good one at that...

a few additions on her own...

reading set 2 book 4 on Bob's.


the kid loves bhendi fry so much that she wont mind to eat it every other day... and to a lazy cook like me, those sticky round veggie pieces are a pain to fry :-p, got a tip from a friend a few days earlier and there is no looking back ever since... say bye bye to stickiness with a spoon of curd added to the veggies when frying them... tadaaaa... stickiness GONE!!!

Feb 10, 2014

The Learning Curve

Among all the phases that we have been through as a family, the current trend is to try and educate the kid as much as possible. So, along with the Bob's book, simple additions, numbers and alphabets practice and some memory games along with some sloka time and all those good things taught and taught, I some times pity the kid for putting up with us..

been to her school today, had been extremely disappointed with it for a while but realized that nothing can be changed out there and that we teach her what she needs to learn to be in the next grade.

must say we are blessed to have her whereas we are not really sure we could say the same about her having us.  OA, to his credit has been giving in his 1000% commitment... touchwood.

Sphinx - Robin Cook

This the first time ever I had read a non-medical fiction by Robin Cook.

A suspense thriller set in the backdrop of pyramids of Egypt, it is a fast-paced easy read.

Loved reading it.

Feb 9, 2014

Coming Up Roses - Catherine Anderson

After what seems like ages, I have finally started reading or so I think, the kid had picked up a book because of the roses on its cover and I decided to go with it...

Set in old world of late 1800s, with a storyline of Kate a widow with a 4-year-old daughter, a deep dark secret, full of pain and insecurities trying to stay strong to protect the kid from all her fears.  Zach, the neighbor from the next farm with his own shady past takes a liking to the little girl and her mother, and how things turn out eventually where he marries her and they find love and freedom from their deepest fears and anxieties burying their past behind them..

an okay read and an easy breezy read after the long hiatus..

the OA strikes back when he says I saw you flipping the first few pages and now you are at the end... aaaaaaaaaaaww you started your read-acting again... phew!!!! somethings never change.. I can see him reading a book after me and questioning me after he finished to see if I actually did :-p, something that irritated me earlier just bring a naughty smile :-p

Feb 4, 2014

Aint called web just like that

I need to get rid of my net addiction as soon as possible...!  I fully understand now the reason it is termed so aptly the world wide web... the one that sucks people into its clutches and leaves them drained... have been at it for almost the whole day and i just do not seem to get out of it...

and one more disgusting thing, my sweet craving, eating anything and everything possible that has sugar in it... and feeling restless failing to do so...

Where am I headed to... buck up... MEDITATE...REALIZE..

Feb 1, 2014

Take Your Child To Library

Yup, it is take your child to library day today... so, what can stop the library bugs like us.  Panilo panigaa amma kooda library volunteer form submit chesi vacchindi and then had lots of fun in the story time, got a big sticker and then a surprise gift, tattoo which says Read, a sparkly pencil and a pen which says one world, many stories.

Just love the fact that the kid loves library just as much as I do.  She is very big into reading already and has surprised me with her random reading... Born to Run, Kozol, ponds, strong, stop are a few random things which she spotted out of nowhere and read and she is trying to read the titles of the books that I browse, good good, good... well that shows how happy I am actually because being bone tired and wanting to eat something and just lie down, I am still sitting up to enter this in the journal.

Come to think of it, how could I have stayed out from my own blog space or even refrain myself from registering her milestones which had been many, many many over the past couple of years.

well, I start my usual koti kommacchi :-p.  We picked up a few things for us from the stationary, ate out at Taco Bell, me the chicken chalupa, my fav and the kid tried Chicken Ranch Loaded Griller and surprisingly she finished it off inspite of it being spicy, well she must have been really really hungry and then we had soda after seemingly ages... A BIG NO, actually we had taken the drink assuming there would be pink lemonade the kids fav but there wasnt and ended up taking Pepsi :-p, dumping the glass  should have been the course of action (regret!).

Day started with going to the Home Depot kids workshop which the kid has started loving, where we made a race car, colored in all possible girly options :-p...

Well, a happy and content day, calling for another kala-tika

Bullabbayiki salahaalivoddu - Super like

Movie:  Emo Gurram Egaraa Vacchu

Em naayana ninnemaina adigaana uchita salahaa
Sodiloki evari peroo raadento naa peru minahaa
uuuvvaa prathi yedavaki naa meede kannu,
uuuvvaa tega lokuva cheyyaddu nannu
bullabbaayiki salahaalivoddu -ooo- - 4 -

Evadevadu ededo peekite, naaku vaadiki comparisionaa
meekanta sammaga unte miku petti cheyyandi bhajana
 uuuvvaa unnadaantho happy happy,
 uuuuuvvaa padukuntaa kaalle chaapi
 bullabbaayiki salahaalivoddu, -ooo- - 4 -

Naalaage nenu unta, naa balupe naaku saradaa
naa kashtam naaku ishtam, endukuraa meekanta durada
uuuvva mee lekkelademundoi bongu, naa lifeki nenera kingu
bullabbaayiki salahaalivoddu, voddu, ivvoddu, ivvoddivvaddu - 4 -

Just loved loved loved it :-), manam kooda konchem ade baapatu kadaa andukani maree maree maree nicchesindoch..

at 10:00 mins :)

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