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Feb 18, 2014

29th state and my state of mind..

What happened today back home in Delhi is an inevitable decision. With so much pent up anger in the common man from deep within, it will always be a struggle. Just hope stability prevails soon and all the energies diverted to stop something as evident as this one are directed towards individual development and one hears of just public development SCHEMES and not personal development SCAMS coming forward!

 Public/political outcry, I had been the one who seethed and boiled within but eventually it does not really matter, similarly everyone would just come to acceptance and move along. No point living under such immense stress and struggle.

With intense focus on developing educational institutes in both areas and building a separate capital and diverting our energies towards a better living is most crucial.

Good luck AP...!  For now I am seeking solace, comfort, solution in the point that I am a global citizen and geographical boundaries do not bind me or bother me any longer 'cos I have not invested what I should have in my motherland emotionally to ruin it my present state of mind and also going forward.

Like the OA perfectly summarizes the situation those politicians seeking personal gains citing Telangana are like dogs chasing/racing purposelessly, aimlessly behind moving cars who do not know what to do once they win the race who get hit mercilessly by an unsuspecting vehicle passing on the same road...

 separate anevaallu car venaka parigette kukkallaanti vaallu, purposeless chase edokati chestunnaaru... ippudu jarigindi enti ante vaallu carni kooda suprass chesi vellipoyi dokkalegaresukuntoo waiting, pakkaninchi unexpected directionlo inkotedo vehicle vacchi guddi padestadi peeda poddi... just hope in all the mad rush and selfish motives, the real interest of the common man in Telangana are not lost and they get the well deserving attention and solution to the problems they have been plagued with from quite some time...

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