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Feb 13, 2014

A deep rooted fear...

For us to send the kid to private school itself is a very big thing, economically speaking, daaniki taggattu cars, houses, parties, lifestyle maintain cheyyaali ante we cannot and also to my thinking extravagance is what we consciously avoid, both me and the OA.  Some times I feel if we are depriving the kid of a lot of things because of the way we look at life, like the kids her age have so many accessories, toys, dresses, etc. whereas we choose to invest on learning, giving, sharing stuff and prefer simplicity.

Like we believe in comfort living than luxury even if we can afford, so in one corner there is a feeling that she goes to private education here in US or back in India to an International/expensive school, she will lose touch with reality... maybe it is just a fear but still it is something we are NOT equipped to deal with, so public schooling suits us just about fine and we can spend what we save in schooling for providing better aides to learning...

If I were to be in India, in rural areas, I have contemplated joining the kid in govt. school English medium, but then again, that is how I think... I cannot convince myself otherwise because I believe in it.. Again, coming to think of it, even if I could afford, I don't think I would send the kid to a private school, not unless I check the waters in public school system and see how she copes in case it gets really bad, maybe think about an alternative if things are so pressed.

How she turns out is entirely unpredictable but there are some things that I would like to see in her, compassion and an overall appreciation of what we have than a craving for what we dont.  I know it is highly impractical for us to expect she can understand any of it at all but still we TRY..

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