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Feb 21, 2014

Boiling, seething...

I just happened to watch a Live telecast on NTV, an interview with JP and the blood boils, the psycho anchor, Kommineni Srinivas Rao or whatever, to me kind of represented the face of current day media and senseless herd mentality people.  I cannot suffer fools or tolerate for long, hats off to the 2 guests who bore the torture in the early hours of the day, i actually pity them both.

 If I were to list out one person whom I could entrust to my daughter's future blindly other than OA, it would be JP but if I  were to choose a leader in this current day scenario, I would have been hesitant, rather had been hesitant to pick him.  I still feel CBN can rule with an iron fist than JP but then maybe I am wrong and he would prove me wrong and to be honest deep down, I would like it to happen.  He had been the true whistle blower, a solution provider and a positive progress oriented thinker who is the true well wisher of both the regions who is abused by both the regions equally.

Mahatma Gandhi, no I have not seen  him in person and thanks to the media and internet and questionable historians I have my own doubts about the credibility of his intentions and his political nepotism and of course the subsequent Gandhis have all added much more muck to that surname.. again, I digress... to be back no track, if there is one person whom I call a true fighter and a survivor and an individual who is the best humanly possible virtue personified it is just JP.

I am sometimes unreasonably expecting something from this lone warrior, curse him for being diplomatic and not going all out to catch the throats of the wrong does but he always is/has/will be what he promises to be... a whistle blower in the society.  If I doubt him, it is my shortcoming of heavy expectations  but not his, he had been doing his duty irrespective of what millions like me feels, say, do.

I can just bark for a while in the social forum but be quiet... but he barks and even bites when  there is a need.

In my dreams I would want CBN the administrator working/putting JP's plans in implementation under a highly dedicated, educated, service oriented, non-criminal, able-bodied and minded political enthusiasts who actually want to make a change and see the difference.


asha said...

I actually thought of sending my reply by email. Since we anyways have the chance to do so here....I agree with what you said abt CBN with regard to his hardworking nature and his grit. But I seriously doubt if he will be of any good to AP in the coming years. I have my reasons. Personally he is overambitious to the point of touching any low. Professionally, he tried being a somewhat good administrator. Although he developed technology sector to the exclusion of agriculture, he tried to bring in several good concepts from other countries - watershed, janmabhoomi etc., This was all before YSR.
In 2009 elections, he retracted from all the things he had done before and promised people to deposit Rs. 2000 checks into their bank accounts. Doesn't his shameless populism prove that he just wants to come to power? Doesn't that prove that he will resort to schemes or methods to please the lower sections just to continue in power? Especially after seeing the popularity that has been enjoyed by YSR and co. I don't think he is going to take our minds back to where we were before YSR. Now he knows how and why the worst work and how much worst it CAN be in politics. As a man of loose morals and ambition I don't think he is going to take a different path. Especially after spending crores each year for the past many years.
We cannot afford to take chances now to have leaders who have personal agendas. We need to have somebody like Dr.JP who can stubbornly save our people from fatal schemes like Arogyasree. He has proved again and again to be a man of integrity and patriotism. His recent road map vision of seemandhra is just one of thousands of examples to show that JP can really make a difference.
Has CBNs interview with Karan Thapar when he was on a dharna in Delhi come to your notice? When he was quizzed by Karan Thapar as to what he thinks is equal justice he could not even say it. It really looked like he didn't have any idea as to why he was sitting there. He just wanted chaos. That's it. He didn't have a solution. He never will because he never won't think of any.

Sree said...

you got it spot on. I am not really sure in this scenario where he has to rise from the ashes if he could recreate the magic and the hardwork combating all the different people coming in with the hopes of getting rich on a new state forming reserve or package..!

For some reason, I dont see him a man of loose morals, people say he is cut-throat, calculated and a few of his choices are seemingly so, what i personally feel is he is not a good leader, good communicator, he has a vision, but because he does not involve people into his zone or line of thinking or share freely, it can/could and has been misinterpreted...

Leaders with popular agendas, well all the leaders are a threat including the mango man AK whose meteoric rise kind of raised of hopes and the fall just gave a thud to all the positivity..

CBN on Telagana or state bifurcation is a hopelessly waste point to think about, he was playing really really safe... wait and watch approach.. I call him modern Chanakya and can only wait and watch...

I like him for reason but I am not blinded to his faults or a fanatic out baying blood if someone says anything against him... it is a genuine fondness that I have for this guy, something like taking him in with all his flaws :)

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