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Feb 1, 2014

Bullabbayiki salahaalivoddu - Super like

Movie:  Emo Gurram Egaraa Vacchu

Em naayana ninnemaina adigaana uchita salahaa
Sodiloki evari peroo raadento naa peru minahaa
uuuvvaa prathi yedavaki naa meede kannu,
uuuvvaa tega lokuva cheyyaddu nannu
bullabbaayiki salahaalivoddu -ooo- - 4 -

Evadevadu ededo peekite, naaku vaadiki comparisionaa
meekanta sammaga unte miku petti cheyyandi bhajana
 uuuvvaa unnadaantho happy happy,
 uuuuuvvaa padukuntaa kaalle chaapi
 bullabbaayiki salahaalivoddu, -ooo- - 4 -

Naalaage nenu unta, naa balupe naaku saradaa
naa kashtam naaku ishtam, endukuraa meekanta durada
uuuvva mee lekkelademundoi bongu, naa lifeki nenera kingu
bullabbaayiki salahaalivoddu, voddu, ivvoddu, ivvoddivvaddu - 4 -

Just loved loved loved it :-), manam kooda konchem ade baapatu kadaa andukani maree maree maree nicchesindoch..

at 10:00 mins :)

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