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Feb 9, 2014

Coming Up Roses - Catherine Anderson

After what seems like ages, I have finally started reading or so I think, the kid had picked up a book because of the roses on its cover and I decided to go with it...

Set in old world of late 1800s, with a storyline of Kate a widow with a 4-year-old daughter, a deep dark secret, full of pain and insecurities trying to stay strong to protect the kid from all her fears.  Zach, the neighbor from the next farm with his own shady past takes a liking to the little girl and her mother, and how things turn out eventually where he marries her and they find love and freedom from their deepest fears and anxieties burying their past behind them..

an okay read and an easy breezy read after the long hiatus..

the OA strikes back when he says I saw you flipping the first few pages and now you are at the end... aaaaaaaaaaaww you started your read-acting again... phew!!!! somethings never change.. I can see him reading a book after me and questioning me after he finished to see if I actually did :-p, something that irritated me earlier just bring a naughty smile :-p

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