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Feb 1, 2014

Take Your Child To Library

Yup, it is take your child to library day today... so, what can stop the library bugs like us.  Panilo panigaa amma kooda library volunteer form submit chesi vacchindi and then had lots of fun in the story time, got a big sticker and then a surprise gift, tattoo which says Read, a sparkly pencil and a pen which says one world, many stories.

Just love the fact that the kid loves library just as much as I do.  She is very big into reading already and has surprised me with her random reading... Born to Run, Kozol, ponds, strong, stop are a few random things which she spotted out of nowhere and read and she is trying to read the titles of the books that I browse, good good, good... well that shows how happy I am actually because being bone tired and wanting to eat something and just lie down, I am still sitting up to enter this in the journal.

Come to think of it, how could I have stayed out from my own blog space or even refrain myself from registering her milestones which had been many, many many over the past couple of years.

well, I start my usual koti kommacchi :-p.  We picked up a few things for us from the stationary, ate out at Taco Bell, me the chicken chalupa, my fav and the kid tried Chicken Ranch Loaded Griller and surprisingly she finished it off inspite of it being spicy, well she must have been really really hungry and then we had soda after seemingly ages... A BIG NO, actually we had taken the drink assuming there would be pink lemonade the kids fav but there wasnt and ended up taking Pepsi :-p, dumping the glass  should have been the course of action (regret!).

Day started with going to the Home Depot kids workshop which the kid has started loving, where we made a race car, colored in all possible girly options :-p...

Well, a happy and content day, calling for another kala-tika

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