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Mar 14, 2014

PK and politics

Up until this point, there was question, curiosity, now I kind of fell in line with his thinking and then there goes that initial resistance of what the hell has he to say

Nirbhaya chattam - the incident he met Swapnika, " I still remember the incident, it was the time when I was carrying Sreya and knew it was going to be a girl and completely distraught at having a girl baby... Her request to PK, well quite a lot of similar feelings... "I don't think he is lying".

Killing the guy who poured acid was killed, then speaking about Vigilante justice.. THIS IS THE POINT THAT HAS NOT COME TO MY MIND, BUT THINKING BEYOND NORMAL IS A SIGN OF OUT OF ORDINARY...

Nalgonda Flourosis -

Naani Paalkivala - BJP, again someone I had looked up to... PK, is well-read.

bhaavam mukhyamaa, bhaasha mukhyamaa... - man this guy is getting to be unstoppable.

well, I no longer look at his speech critically... it is just a part of anger, anguish, that has been happening to us for while, so many questions, so many thoughts and it is just coming out of his mouth, so i listen and the critic in me rests...

just going with the flow... this guy is awesome, to have so many people across the globe just waiting for him to talk, just hope this flow sustains and something good comes out.

Tactical silence on JP or Loksatta or his invite and even CBN or TDP but being open to joining hands to take out congress roots from AP, still sticking to his brother and giving a clear sign, while he is anti-congress, he wont tolerate nonsense on him.

The message is clear.. no JUMPERS OR JOKERS... it has not been a party that cropped up just now, I know what has happened, what will happen and what should happen, so BEWARE...

What is to be made of from my limited knowledge and analysis is he is willing to fight a bigger evil "congress" the primary task for now with the support of any and every party and any which means it might take and then taking it from there, eliminating the junk, filtering it further as it comes... or that is what he leads us to believe at this point. He realizes he cannot bring a change immediately and trying to do it in his own street smart way, commendable!

He just gave the first glimpse of what he wants it to be like, modifying it as he goes but involving people almost right from the inception... seems fair enough... what he primarily did is giving a voice to the thoughts of many on a forum only a rare few like him can bring it out loud without fear... an attempt that needs to praised and hoped for not be diluted or fizzed out.

sounds too damn good, seems to fight the bigger evil first joining whatever it takes and THEN work it out his way... way too good.

Good luck PK and most importantly Good luck AP.  He might or might not contest but he has got an impact on people to look for his endorsement to vote for a candidate irrespective of the party he supports and by and large, it might be TDP for this time with a thumping majority.

A historic milestone in AP politics - Launch of Jana Sena

Same anticipation and uncontrolled craze with a hell a lot of expectations and tension in air around August before 2009 elections waiting for chiru's jenda, agenda and what not... and a few months before the 2014 election, the younger brother creates the same confusion, if anything only more putting his personal life in the mix.

Waiting for him to talk the talk and see him start the walk to walk the political grounds... not at all excited but immensely CURIOUS!

As I listen to him talk, this is what comes to my mind... want to keep a journal of what I feel, felt at this moment..

Illemo dooram... chetilo deepam ledu, gundelaninda dhairyam undi... dhairyam oopiri... Tilak poem.


To live greatly, you have to risk greatly.

Speaking his heart and mind!

Baanisani kaadu kaabatti... Doraa nee kaalmoktaa (Direct hit to Chiru) Time for truth... exactly 5 years ago, Chiru partylo.. annayyaki edurostaana, annayya meeda kopam vastundaa raadu... vaallevaro delhilo chesina paniki annayya meeda enduku kopam choopistaam.. kaakapote mana kharma, anyaayiniki, akramaalaki nenu edureldaam ante ee roju nenu annayyaki... paristiti kalpinchindi evaru??

Cong High Command... (BASELESS).. he isn't a kid.

Chaala tucchamainavi??  abhimaanam mundu prema mundu nilustaaya... NOPE..

visugocchindi, asahyam vesindi, vennumaka leni vaalla meeda kopam vacchindi... nirdishtamaina alochina vidhaanam toti, Sudeerghamaina lakshyam toti.. 25 years - Jana Sena..

2nd - choostam, bharistaam, premistaam.. taravaata emi chestaam????
ippudocchi emi chestaav
2019ki raa
poyina saari chesinavi chaalu ellellu
party pettu kaani telangana cheppu -- meerevaru??? (IDI KEVVU)

noble soul, pavitraatma, Diggy Raja... PK nuvvu party pettamma, but elli congresslo kalipeyyi :-p.. adedo gangaa nadilaaga...

nenneeku elaa kanipistunnaanu -- MEE ANNALAAGA..

kcr.. andhrodi kotta dukaanam -- GOOD ANSWER.

pirikitanam teliyadu, vennu choopanu - LET US SEE!

nenevariki eduru eltunnaanu.. annayyaka, akrama raajakeeyaanikaa... DILEMMA..

intlo evariki teliyadu... CAULIFLOWERS KANIPISTUNNAAYAA?

Personal life - 3 kids..Convenient politics, threat to death.. desamaa, samaajam... kutumbam chinnadi... IDEALLY SPEAKING, GOOD.

fought with Trivikram - one friend who stood behind me

about CPF (common man protection force) - it is Janasena.... a friend, raju ravi teja, a 5-year thought process with the friend on various issues..

The inciting event... put in jail for going in one-way.. felt the pain of a common man... triggered an interest in people and the society, the something inside and something outside mentality, eve teasing for ladies in the family, the feelings intensified..

Telangana cheritra.. kottagaa premocchi chadavaledu kontamandi laaga... (COMPLETELY KEVVU)

evolution as a rebel, trying out various things... GOOD FLOW OF SPEECH, HEARTFELT.

Experimenting with self even if when he amassed wealth, would he still be able to question the same way..??  YES...

pogottokodaaniki kotlu undi, parapati undi, pillala gurinchi teliyadu.. but am ready to leave it all.


Venkaiah Naidu - IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME SPEAKING THERE, MY HEART OUT... Fell for this line..

Jagga Reddy - good brotherhood spirit

Ch. Hanumanta Rao - moodu moodu pellilulu... Rahul Gandhi okka pelli kooda chesukolaa ... MALLI ESESESAADU :-p... kevvu kevvu kevvu...

Vyaktigata vimarsalu - WARNING... good.. by now my hands are hurting with the CLAPS and SCREAMS.. unfortunately cant whistle.

naa jeevitamlo etuvanti paristutullo chesukunnano naaku telusu...maanasika atyaa chaaram meeda nirbhaya chattam pettaali... VINNAPAM KOODA WARNING TYPLE UNDI... everything about this truly accepted.

KCR, daughter Kavitha "nuvvu, PK, oka bharata desa pauridigaa neeku party pette hakku undi" - nenu preminche telangana prajalaki, abhimaanulaki, cheppaala vaddaa maa vyaktigata vishayam.. amma nee kutumbaaniki kooda sambandham ledamma... idi kevvu.

questioning about money, questions about funds...please reply to that not to me but to Telangana leaders.. nannu titte pani pettukoku, repu ninchi mee intlo andaru tidataaru, meeru dabbuki account choopinche panilo undandi..

malli kevvu...

nannu titinaa, naa gurinchi elaanti vaartalu raasina, vyaktigatamgaa, vrutiparamgaa enni chesinaa... HE HAS GOT THE PULSE OF PEOPLE OR AT LEAST ME...

PEOPLE STILL FEEL IT IS TRIVIKRAM MARK SPEECH.. it might as well have had touches by RGV, that is  what I personally feel.

Mar 12, 2014

Movie Post

Shaadi Ke Side Effects - A good attempt, great acting by Farhan Akhtar and for some reason I am feeling bored of watching Vidya doing the same thing again and again and yet again...must say a disappointment

Heart Attack - A puri movie and maybe a hat-trick to Nitin if this one clicked... kissing a girl for an hour without any commitment expected, the hero has the guts to ask and the herione accepts putting another crazy condition and over all the total story is a complete time waste and total FastForward type of movie if you MUST watch it :).

Pizza II Villa - I liked it, based on the witch-craft theme and the supernatural element, good taking, some good performance and a small movie.. like!

Straight A's - A netflix pick, good watch.. when the brat of the family returns for his redemption, in the quest of his own ends, he sets things going haywire in his brother's family... 

Cutting For Stone - Abraham Verghese

A friend of mine happened to tell me about this book, that is the one to be discussed and encouraged me to read it with her..

Just loved the intricate story of love, passion, life, death, fears intermixed with religion, heist, politics, medicine, life in India, US, Ethiopia and things in general well woven..

Initial takeoff was a bit shaky for me but in all it is a wonderful tale of well captured and portrayed emotions..

An Indian nun, trained to be a nurse, shipped off to Africa to help the needy with her services along with a friend Anjali who dies of seasickness even before they reach the destination.  She meets a young doctor, nurses him out of his sickness and they both help the fellow passengers who get seasick.  By twist of fate, the doctor suggests that she join him in his hospital at "Mi Shun" hospital which gets to be called Missing by local people.  At first she declines but ends up at Missing where she serves for 7 years before she dies giving birth to twins.  How the twins are raised and how one of them ends up finding the story of his mother while the other ends up dead is the whole story.. lots of emotions well captured, too many angles dealt without any cluttering.. the big is huge but one does not really feel so...

one of the good reads.

Mar 10, 2014

Quirky is back :)

The crazy me is always dormant inspite of the sober, serious, sensible, sensitive masked me... lying around in house with body aches, no matter how much rest I took it just got worse and then quirky me gets up cleans up the house, vacuums, does dishes, cooks some spicy crunchy veg fritters and then feel a little better.  Hmmm... not just my mind, the body works crazily too :-p.

and the latest one being... just finished a cold water bath in 3 degrees centigrade weather outside.  Thanks to the apartment controlled heating system, the house gets heated up beyond what is needed and bathroom being the tiniest room with the same amount of heat circulated feels like sauna.. so inspite of the recuperating cough, sore throat, ear pain whatever, i feel a lot better with the cold water bath and back to reading a book peacefully after the happy kid snores..

and again, by mistake OA picked up both the audio and paper back version of Cutting for Stone, my current read.  While I began listening to it while doing the chores, I ended up reading it.  No matter what the feel of having the book in hand is irreplaceable for me...

the queen of quirks  rests... errr.. reads hitting snooze button to the oncoming sleep..

Pawan Party???

A few years ago, around early 2008, the rumors were rife about chiru's political entry with strong denials from his side, too many speculations by media, common man and everyone.. with one "saamaajika vargam" extremely happy for getting an identity which they felt was curbed by the other two reigning "castes".  If someone is as blind, deaf and mute to refute this opinion, then I would be glad to agree to disagree...

Finally amidst of much drama and hype, on August 26, 2008, chiru sir floated a party.  Seemed most promising, the manifesto, the popularity point of view, the star charisma, the groundwork by fans, etc., power packed campaigned by PK, all it did was split the vote bank, make a minor dent against all the bragging about wiping out records, making history, blah..blah..blaah...! and then a major dud when they decided to get back to Congress leaving people cheated... a major flop show!!!

and just about the time and around the corner for the next elections, the younger brother PK's new party rumors are so ripe and again the primary question concern is "if it is the intention to come into politics why float a different party and why not help a preset, predefined, best platform like Loksatta when there is an open invite from the chief himself???  On that note, I felt that JP's asking him to take over the reigns of the party is a bit too much but as an afterthought I appreciate his farsightedness and am loving the fact that JP is finally being proactive and roaring the way I expected him to perform since 2009.

Getting back to PK...No, I dont support his new party and it has got nothing to do with his 3rd marriage or whatever the latest count is or is going to be (purely personal) as long as all the parties are satisfied and no issues other than the foul-play crying by media and the political voyeurs or his association with his brother during PRP days and his silence thereafter which irked many.. it is just that I dont see the need for another party confusing people when the time now calls for STATE reorganization and working together for generations to come to lead a life of stability unlike the past 60 years or so, troubled togetherness which again might raise its ugly hood between seema and andhra regions or whatever...

let us wait and watch... so eagerly waiting for 14th or further announcement !!!

Mar 6, 2014

Down and out

The sick phase at home begins, the kid's wicket down as usual and then followed by me and then the late but latest entry OA who will invariably will be sicker than both of us put together but never stopping the claims about his "iron body" :-p and golden will whatever...

must agree that kid is an excellent patient, listens to her body, adjusts a lot, understands the consequences and behaves accordingly be it eating, drinking or taking meds.. touchwood.  The tough phase is when she begins to recuperate and I go down.. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh... those energy reserves inversely proportional to mine just make the equation all the more tough... but before I complain too much she has been at her best at this point too, maybe I am craving for more rest and peace than deserved or taking the kid for granted too much and as the OA points out me being the worst patient is not making things better either... all woes put aside, I happened to watch a video of UD singing at a family get together and that brought back all the haunting memories making me feel worse than usual, digging up stuff, re-reading and thinking about the past.  One thought does not end there, jumps on to another and then another and to an unrelated topic totally, so in all a khichdi day :(...

the best point of it all is the way the kid is braving out her severe cough and being all too cool about it without making fuss... God bless kiddo, did I ever say or did I ever stop saying that you are the bestestest thing that ever happened to us.

i know i am blabbering but isnt that what I keep doing these days anyways.

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