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Mar 12, 2014

Cutting For Stone - Abraham Verghese

A friend of mine happened to tell me about this book, that is the one to be discussed and encouraged me to read it with her..

Just loved the intricate story of love, passion, life, death, fears intermixed with religion, heist, politics, medicine, life in India, US, Ethiopia and things in general well woven..

Initial takeoff was a bit shaky for me but in all it is a wonderful tale of well captured and portrayed emotions..

An Indian nun, trained to be a nurse, shipped off to Africa to help the needy with her services along with a friend Anjali who dies of seasickness even before they reach the destination.  She meets a young doctor, nurses him out of his sickness and they both help the fellow passengers who get seasick.  By twist of fate, the doctor suggests that she join him in his hospital at "Mi Shun" hospital which gets to be called Missing by local people.  At first she declines but ends up at Missing where she serves for 7 years before she dies giving birth to twins.  How the twins are raised and how one of them ends up finding the story of his mother while the other ends up dead is the whole story.. lots of emotions well captured, too many angles dealt without any cluttering.. the big is huge but one does not really feel so...

one of the good reads.

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