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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Mar 6, 2014

Down and out

The sick phase at home begins, the kid's wicket down as usual and then followed by me and then the late but latest entry OA who will invariably will be sicker than both of us put together but never stopping the claims about his "iron body" :-p and golden will whatever...

must agree that kid is an excellent patient, listens to her body, adjusts a lot, understands the consequences and behaves accordingly be it eating, drinking or taking meds.. touchwood.  The tough phase is when she begins to recuperate and I go down.. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh... those energy reserves inversely proportional to mine just make the equation all the more tough... but before I complain too much she has been at her best at this point too, maybe I am craving for more rest and peace than deserved or taking the kid for granted too much and as the OA points out me being the worst patient is not making things better either... all woes put aside, I happened to watch a video of UD singing at a family get together and that brought back all the haunting memories making me feel worse than usual, digging up stuff, re-reading and thinking about the past.  One thought does not end there, jumps on to another and then another and to an unrelated topic totally, so in all a khichdi day :(...

the best point of it all is the way the kid is braving out her severe cough and being all too cool about it without making fuss... God bless kiddo, did I ever say or did I ever stop saying that you are the bestestest thing that ever happened to us.

i know i am blabbering but isnt that what I keep doing these days anyways.

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