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Mar 12, 2014

Movie Post

Shaadi Ke Side Effects - A good attempt, great acting by Farhan Akhtar and for some reason I am feeling bored of watching Vidya doing the same thing again and again and yet again...must say a disappointment

Heart Attack - A puri movie and maybe a hat-trick to Nitin if this one clicked... kissing a girl for an hour without any commitment expected, the hero has the guts to ask and the herione accepts putting another crazy condition and over all the total story is a complete time waste and total FastForward type of movie if you MUST watch it :).

Pizza II Villa - I liked it, based on the witch-craft theme and the supernatural element, good taking, some good performance and a small movie.. like!

Straight A's - A netflix pick, good watch.. when the brat of the family returns for his redemption, in the quest of his own ends, he sets things going haywire in his brother's family... 

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