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Mar 10, 2014

Pawan Party???

A few years ago, around early 2008, the rumors were rife about chiru's political entry with strong denials from his side, too many speculations by media, common man and everyone.. with one "saamaajika vargam" extremely happy for getting an identity which they felt was curbed by the other two reigning "castes".  If someone is as blind, deaf and mute to refute this opinion, then I would be glad to agree to disagree...

Finally amidst of much drama and hype, on August 26, 2008, chiru sir floated a party.  Seemed most promising, the manifesto, the popularity point of view, the star charisma, the groundwork by fans, etc., power packed campaigned by PK, all it did was split the vote bank, make a minor dent against all the bragging about wiping out records, making history, blah..blah..blaah...! and then a major dud when they decided to get back to Congress leaving people cheated... a major flop show!!!

and just about the time and around the corner for the next elections, the younger brother PK's new party rumors are so ripe and again the primary question concern is "if it is the intention to come into politics why float a different party and why not help a preset, predefined, best platform like Loksatta when there is an open invite from the chief himself???  On that note, I felt that JP's asking him to take over the reigns of the party is a bit too much but as an afterthought I appreciate his farsightedness and am loving the fact that JP is finally being proactive and roaring the way I expected him to perform since 2009.

Getting back to PK...No, I dont support his new party and it has got nothing to do with his 3rd marriage or whatever the latest count is or is going to be (purely personal) as long as all the parties are satisfied and no issues other than the foul-play crying by media and the political voyeurs or his association with his brother during PRP days and his silence thereafter which irked many.. it is just that I dont see the need for another party confusing people when the time now calls for STATE reorganization and working together for generations to come to lead a life of stability unlike the past 60 years or so, troubled togetherness which again might raise its ugly hood between seema and andhra regions or whatever...

let us wait and watch... so eagerly waiting for 14th or further announcement !!!


asha said...

"I felt that JP's asking him to take over the reigns of the party is a bit too much but as an afterthought I appreciate his farsightedness "
my sentiments exactly. But somehow I am still uncomfortable with accepting it. PK may be a good person(in terms of politics). But we need ABLE leaders and not just a crowd puller. Anyways, since we don't have any :) except for JP....I think I can accept inviting him to our party. But giving him state leadership is a bit too much, I feel.

Sree said...

We need to wait and watch the new twist is even though PK is going to launch his party, he is not going to contest from any place, his only stand is questioning...!

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