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Mar 14, 2014

PK and politics

Up until this point, there was question, curiosity, now I kind of fell in line with his thinking and then there goes that initial resistance of what the hell has he to say

Nirbhaya chattam - the incident he met Swapnika, " I still remember the incident, it was the time when I was carrying Sreya and knew it was going to be a girl and completely distraught at having a girl baby... Her request to PK, well quite a lot of similar feelings... "I don't think he is lying".

Killing the guy who poured acid was killed, then speaking about Vigilante justice.. THIS IS THE POINT THAT HAS NOT COME TO MY MIND, BUT THINKING BEYOND NORMAL IS A SIGN OF OUT OF ORDINARY...

Nalgonda Flourosis -

Naani Paalkivala - BJP, again someone I had looked up to... PK, is well-read.

bhaavam mukhyamaa, bhaasha mukhyamaa... - man this guy is getting to be unstoppable.

well, I no longer look at his speech critically... it is just a part of anger, anguish, that has been happening to us for while, so many questions, so many thoughts and it is just coming out of his mouth, so i listen and the critic in me rests...

just going with the flow... this guy is awesome, to have so many people across the globe just waiting for him to talk, just hope this flow sustains and something good comes out.

Tactical silence on JP or Loksatta or his invite and even CBN or TDP but being open to joining hands to take out congress roots from AP, still sticking to his brother and giving a clear sign, while he is anti-congress, he wont tolerate nonsense on him.

The message is clear.. no JUMPERS OR JOKERS... it has not been a party that cropped up just now, I know what has happened, what will happen and what should happen, so BEWARE...

What is to be made of from my limited knowledge and analysis is he is willing to fight a bigger evil "congress" the primary task for now with the support of any and every party and any which means it might take and then taking it from there, eliminating the junk, filtering it further as it comes... or that is what he leads us to believe at this point. He realizes he cannot bring a change immediately and trying to do it in his own street smart way, commendable!

He just gave the first glimpse of what he wants it to be like, modifying it as he goes but involving people almost right from the inception... seems fair enough... what he primarily did is giving a voice to the thoughts of many on a forum only a rare few like him can bring it out loud without fear... an attempt that needs to praised and hoped for not be diluted or fizzed out.

sounds too damn good, seems to fight the bigger evil first joining whatever it takes and THEN work it out his way... way too good.

Good luck PK and most importantly Good luck AP.  He might or might not contest but he has got an impact on people to look for his endorsement to vote for a candidate irrespective of the party he supports and by and large, it might be TDP for this time with a thumping majority.

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