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Mar 10, 2014

Quirky is back :)

The crazy me is always dormant inspite of the sober, serious, sensible, sensitive masked me... lying around in house with body aches, no matter how much rest I took it just got worse and then quirky me gets up cleans up the house, vacuums, does dishes, cooks some spicy crunchy veg fritters and then feel a little better.  Hmmm... not just my mind, the body works crazily too :-p.

and the latest one being... just finished a cold water bath in 3 degrees centigrade weather outside.  Thanks to the apartment controlled heating system, the house gets heated up beyond what is needed and bathroom being the tiniest room with the same amount of heat circulated feels like sauna.. so inspite of the recuperating cough, sore throat, ear pain whatever, i feel a lot better with the cold water bath and back to reading a book peacefully after the happy kid snores..

and again, by mistake OA picked up both the audio and paper back version of Cutting for Stone, my current read.  While I began listening to it while doing the chores, I ended up reading it.  No matter what the feel of having the book in hand is irreplaceable for me...

the queen of quirks  rests... errr.. reads hitting snooze button to the oncoming sleep..

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