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May 17, 2014

My double standards

Kandaki leni durada kattipeetaki typelo undi naa pani, nenu Indialo lenu eppudeltaano teliyadu, ellinaa TG/APlo untaano ledo teliyadu, am here for greener pastures, want to stay here badly, visa, extensions, GC and ultimately citizenship idi naa major concern, adi marchipoyi naaku any other gola avasaramaa

Naaku intlone major opposition untadi from OA, CBN toti evarainaina poliste adi tanaki bootu, naaku adi pogadta, but we are both happy teasing each other, akkada andaru leaders happy, each other's family friends, lights camera action laaga mike munduku vaste kaaru kootalu, switch off kaangane personal calls... inka manaki enduku chinta.. nobody is getting anybody wrong, it is a free flow of emotions which we get under control in a day or 2... manaki aallevaru ayya chuttamoo kaadu, amma chutaamoo kaadu..

Intaki ee gnaanodayaaniki reason enti ante I should learn to control and not impact Sreya in future with my personal judgments and comments...chinna mindlo impressions enta bhayamkaramgaa padatayi anataaniki nenu practical example. Calling myself a global citizen, I some times wonder at my small, cheap thinking! What people did in the past anedi I have not seen, I am not a believer in history, in fact it is to me nothing less than figments of someone's really fertile imagination, writers being 2 people the rulers/dictators or sufferers/underdogs where one never gets a clear picture about the feelings of a neutral common man who just wants to go about his life. I have not been in those times. Naaku telisina nenu choosindi, agitations moolaana chaduvu paadavatam, day to day lifeki ibbandi, and some really funny allegations, through which I make some impressions along with what had been drilled down through the elders around me, club it and make a bhootam in my mind and critcize others at any given opportunity... what is it giving me, a moment of excitement, aggressive passion, and then nothing really changes.. what I look at is a bright future for my own daughter and since we are social beings I want her to be in a happy society, everything boils down to I, me, myself... adi Indialo puttindi, ikkada penchutunnaanu and ikkade unchaali anukuntunna, so no point feeding her my half-baked knowledge and facts even subconsciously through discussing stuff... a very strong resolution!!! and it hurts me to see how we can carry on negative feelings so strong that it creates unrest in a peaceful existence, I dont want it to happen to the kids at least.

I have been a victim of thoughts like egurutunnaaru vidipotaaru anta, ponee malle legichi choostaam vaallu elaago addagolu aipotaaru konni rojullo.  Look back at that thought process with a sane mind, how ridiculous the thinking is... Andhrollaki adhikaara daaham, telangaanollaki kaalmokkutaa banchen anatam alavaatu, what the hell, manishi ekkadaina okkate, biddalandariki naalugu vellu notloki vellaayaa, kantiki nidra, ontiki gudda, nettina needa unnaayaa ledaa... edo maayadaari dabbu jabbu patti illu meeda illu, polam meeda sthalam meeda polam meeda sthalam koni daachukodam tappa aakhariki migiledenti aaradugula goyya ledante ara chembudu boodida, deeniki inta garvam ahankaaram, kopam, teevrata avasaramaa... pakkodini choosi navvite mutyaalu raalipotaayemo anenta hadavudi bratukullo, time teesukuni okarini okaru dveshinchukotam avasaramaa... ekkado kullu kadigeyyaali ani vaadinchenenu naaloni kulluni kadagalenaa mundu...

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అనంతం కృష్ణ చైతన్య said...

nice post......... introspection is essential not only for a system it is for every individual.

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