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May 23, 2014

The Klone and I - Danielle Steele

Yet another DS BS that I picked up from the library... I make it a point to get one of hers each time, I think it is my comfort read or whatever, pick it up, read the expected turns, the final outcome but for the first time I was actually confused about one of DS books.. A lady coming out of break up finds an irresistible guy who makes her feel good after the crappy life she had with her ex and then puts her in a soup when he sends his replica/clone to keep her engaged...!!!! and the lady is split as to what she really wants and how much she can really take... if you think the routine DS is beaten to death storyline over and over and over again, this is just a twist to the same stuff...

chadiveppudu okay but chadivinaaka rakarakaalugaa anipistundi as usual :-p

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