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May 23, 2014

Too Little Too Late - Victoria Christopher Murray

I am not into too much reading these days and am not picking books by browsing in the library, I go to the book discussion picks in the library and get a few of them and go over them and of course a DS :p to go with it :), maybe i should pay more attention at least reading what it is it before i get it to read and then force myself to read.

I have never really tried religious fiction any time and I have not really checked out that it is an African-Amercian Christian Fiction when I picked it up...It took all my will power to get to read and complete this book, the slow pace, a jealous wife who is a perpetual liar, who keeps secrets from a holier than Thou husband who believes in the power of prayer and god of relationships and secrets, of impulses and control or the lack of it,  working on a troubled marriage and all that...

I could not totally relate to it, neither understand it nor will I get back to reading any such... some emotions, feelings that i cannot relate to to, do not agree with...

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