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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Jul 15, 2014

The Changed Person

I have been an adventure loving person, trying out new things, talking out to new people, eating new things and basically exploring into the unknown territory... winning over the fear was the most important thing always but of late, I have gone into a shell, the person who enjoyed the tallest biggest huge roller coasters gets nauseous on kiddy rides that the kid so loves to take.

Things, events, people change the way I had been to the way I am... the other day I been to backwaters at a cove beach and suddenly I feel suffocated, the smell of the stagnant water, the sight of endless waters of ocean, instead of sending in the usual peace and positivity in me, just made me think of the VNR tragedy, the kids washed out, the fear of water, large quantities of it has started...

and to end with a positive note, the kid who had been scared of water because of an incident in the pool where she kind of drank a little water and developed a deep water fear has for the first time tried to overcome them and yes, she did take her first dip in the pool, yes with the nose mask of course but the point is she DID it, she winning over her fear, extreme fear is an inspiration in itself... God bless and touch wood touch wood, kaala tika.

Jul 13, 2014

Frozen Mania

Finally, we got into the bandwagon of watching Disney Movies... phew!! She had been out of the princess mania for quite some time by the local standards I think... not to demean any kind of parenting but I really really cant understand kids or parents who insist on having so much of disney princess stuff at home and neither do I understand the concept of prince, princess, kissing and and all that happily ever after fairy tale stuff at such an young age, but then again, that is how radically different I am rather than how different they are... I am crazy that way, just not judgmental...

so enough of disclaimers later, the kid broke our back and we had to get her the Frozen movie, it all started when they taught her the Let it Go song for her graduation party where a few girls already knew the song and she did not... sigh!!! As a safe measure we got her the movie from redbox as opposed to buying a cd :-p and this is the 4th time since yesterday evening that the marathon is running... tired I am and waiting for her to be tired too... but no signs whatsoever... God save the mom :-p

Jul 11, 2014

Kids and Rains and Rhymes

The other day I was talking to a friend and then in the conversation it had come that it is not raining and all that... and what came out is thought provoking

baala vaakku brahma vaakku antaaru and as kids in earlier days we used to sing the song

vaanallu kuravaali vari chelu pandaali budugo budugo or some other rhymes inviting the rain god... and the gods used to fulfill their wishes

now it is the other way round with our Tinglish kids singing Rain Rain Go Away... how will the rains come ya... how??????

Weird or Normal???

I have a while ago ranted, raved, grieved, seethed about a few people who created something out of nowhere using my name and then it took some time for me to come out of it.  In fact a lot of heart pain and a lot of confusion later, things got okay.  In fact okay to a point where I starting giving almost zero importance to a lot of things and people in the life who are just acquaintances and just move on instead of even thinking about them.  It has been a pain, a jolt but bearable.  Learned quite a few lessons and kept moving on.

After that, the interaction has really gone down... a particular person who just calls me nonstop akka twice in the same sentence tried to keep in touch, feigned innocence, acted all good and kept giving information unsought and kept spoiling my moods in between in spite of requesting not to but then it all became a part of life, just listen to her if we have time or do not even pick up the call.. now thinking back, for people whose sole purpose is to talk about others and get our work done, NEVER ever pay attention.

Looking back why blame that person it is her nature.  I think I myself had that part in me where I wanted to listen to what people are talking about me.  My conscious effort of being good to all the people no matter what they are ignoring their weaknesses and focusing on their individual strengths kind of backfired or maybe it did work very well.  I had only seen the best in them and went with it and no matter what never waver from that consciously nurtured habit of mine no matter how many dirty set backs.

Looking back, I was so attached to Atlanta,  I realize later it was not the place, it was the people here, who I thought were really really good, caring, concerned, who had helped me (no denying) in the phase I needed them most, took care of my kid, spent their valuable time with her, playing, teaching, driving her around and making place for us in their lives.  It was all really well, good and I always patted myself on my back for being able to find out the gems of people to be around me... in fact they were and are.  It is the people in the middle who kept calling me to update stuff that were the mischief mongers, using my name for what they wanted to say 'cos I was no longer there.. BUT Damn!!! what the hell will they get out of such thing!!  It is disgusting.  There are some incidents which I still get irritated to, some people whose thoughts just boil my blood but am trying to cut down those feeling, tough it is but it is not impossible.  Maybe age has dampened my anger or whatever..

From now on I will consciously try and erase a few people who now I know are for sure the true sick ones.. the point of the post or the thought process is eliminating them from life is easy but is eliminating such situations ever possible.. is it the people that are weird or me for not understanding them or maybe I have to be even more sterner with the people that talk. I have always known that people who talk to me will talk against me to someone else who will listen but even when you dont listen they want to talk???? is it still in our hands...

well yes... just do not even have mercy or whatever who talks nonsense is a nuisance any time even if you listen or not, so do not associate yourself to it... Actually Run from such people because once they understand you are not going to tell anything they want, they will spread what they want to say on your name 'cos you wont let them reach you anyways :(...

 my funda for now until this goes wrong somewhere too :)


There are so many many things that the kid says and does are just going undrafted...

Looking back I realize that she changes every single day, a lot of things she did, does surprise me a lot, I enjoy and think that I am going to cherish them throughout my life but I realize that no my failing mind does not provide me that luxury, i need to jot them down to get the feel of what I felt, if not completely the same as at the moment but still an attempt.

The other day it was quite foggy and her dad had to drop her at school and she began dancing around and singing

Fog Fog go way
My Daddy needs to find the way
Sreya needs to go to school
'cos it makes her feel really cool...

God!!! hardly a year and a half and she is talking, walking, singing English... kids!!!

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