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Jul 13, 2014

Frozen Mania

Finally, we got into the bandwagon of watching Disney Movies... phew!! She had been out of the princess mania for quite some time by the local standards I think... not to demean any kind of parenting but I really really cant understand kids or parents who insist on having so much of disney princess stuff at home and neither do I understand the concept of prince, princess, kissing and and all that happily ever after fairy tale stuff at such an young age, but then again, that is how radically different I am rather than how different they are... I am crazy that way, just not judgmental...

so enough of disclaimers later, the kid broke our back and we had to get her the Frozen movie, it all started when they taught her the Let it Go song for her graduation party where a few girls already knew the song and she did not... sigh!!! As a safe measure we got her the movie from redbox as opposed to buying a cd :-p and this is the 4th time since yesterday evening that the marathon is running... tired I am and waiting for her to be tired too... but no signs whatsoever... God save the mom :-p

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Sireesha said...

Just today, I was thinking the same. Strange are these western fairy tales, with so much nonsense actually.
Our childhood stories used to be largely from panchatantra and other moral stories.

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