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Jul 15, 2014

The Changed Person

I have been an adventure loving person, trying out new things, talking out to new people, eating new things and basically exploring into the unknown territory... winning over the fear was the most important thing always but of late, I have gone into a shell, the person who enjoyed the tallest biggest huge roller coasters gets nauseous on kiddy rides that the kid so loves to take.

Things, events, people change the way I had been to the way I am... the other day I been to backwaters at a cove beach and suddenly I feel suffocated, the smell of the stagnant water, the sight of endless waters of ocean, instead of sending in the usual peace and positivity in me, just made me think of the VNR tragedy, the kids washed out, the fear of water, large quantities of it has started...

and to end with a positive note, the kid who had been scared of water because of an incident in the pool where she kind of drank a little water and developed a deep water fear has for the first time tried to overcome them and yes, she did take her first dip in the pool, yes with the nose mask of course but the point is she DID it, she winning over her fear, extreme fear is an inspiration in itself... God bless and touch wood touch wood, kaala tika.

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