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Dec 23, 2014

Death, Voyeurs and Vultures

This year the film industry has seen so many deaths, started on extremely bad note with a buddy UD..

and must confess that I had become so obsessed with it that it took so long to get back to normalcy and I am not really sure if I am there yet.  I kept watching those visuals, thinking why??? and then the events in the family did not help, the truths that stumbled out, the struggle he would have faced before leaving the body, it haunted me for quite some time and then some solace that it all stems from within, from what we think we need, what we do to get that and all that, it was a whirlpool that kept sucking me into it.

Then the most recent Chakri episode, brought the darker corners of all the individuals he left behind and the media having a field day with the voyeurs like me taking in all the crap they show :( and then taking it too far in the minds

where are we going, too much intrusion into the lives of the celebrities, everything is out in open, no peace for the family members to mourn in peace, to spend the final moments of physical presence and say their good byes, sad!!

and the latest Balachander sick and the false death news and all that which kind of was too much for me to handle, it was like people were waiting for him to go away so that they can carry the news, content for a couple of days with phone calls, photos, interviews, views and following each and every single moment including the funeral pyre visuals and move over to something else...

not liking!!!

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