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Dec 22, 2014

Melukove Chitti Talli - Rajanna

Just fell in love with this song.

While it is a different thing putting the kids to sleep when they are kids, we sure need such songs to wake up in the morning...

Melukove chitti talli, meluko naa kanna talli
meluko bangaaru talli... Gangaa meluko

Adaviloni bondu mallivi, andamaina sandamaamavi
kannu terisi ninnu choosi, ennelemmala nuvvu navvave
gangaa meluko

Turupamma poddu puvvu poose, kokkoroko kodi koose
gootiloni guvva lese, aatalaadaga ninnu pilise
gangaa meluko

Chitti adugulu veyamantu mattinele adugutondi
neeku laale postanantu nalla mabbe navvutondi
Gangaa meluko

Navvithe ratanalu raale, mudduke mutyaalu raale
mogamu modugu puvvulaaye, palukule raamasilakalaaye
Gangaa meluko

Suppanaati soopu ninnu sokakundaa dishti teestaa
noorellu batakamantu naa aayuvu neeku posta
Gangaa meluko

Vinagaane vintoone undipovaali anipinchenta muddaina mucchataina paata, how can the day not be wonderful if you wake up to it.

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