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May 1, 2015

1st in 2015 - Turmoil

This is the first actual post in the new year which is no longer new, a quarter done... but again never too late to begin.

This past year has been a mix and match of highest of highs and lowest of lows..  The weather and the depression caught up with me must faster than anything else could, the lowest in my life in terms of my coping skills and me as a person too.. There are a million things that I would like to put up here and then it all fizzles and the blankness in the blog represented the blanked out me for the most part, pulling up my strings with the support of my daughter and the efforts of OA and not to mention my desperate attempts to pull myself up, maybe I should be penning it up more than anything else so that a few of you out there might benefit or maybe recognize those going through it and offer support, maybe I will...

No promises like always and will try my best to be around and take it from there...

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