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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Mar 31, 2016

Sucking the life out of life...

How easy is it for some people to suck life out of other's lives... it need not be you but the people who want to share stuff with you can also pull down our energy levels so badly... it is one such day.  A person spreads around negativity and a whole lot of collateral damage, I hear out some out of "ati mohamaatam" and trust me nothing can be as bad as that.  Like the other day's lesson, I had eventually given a headsup that I dont want to hear about any issue with that person in question EVER again.  It is easy to most difficult tasks single handedly but being in company of people who drain is "oh my God" kind of pain...

Technically I did nothing whole day, but cant term it a rest day 'cos it was a totally restless day trying to sleep but tossing around, trying to work but yawning around... phew!!!!

Finished Killing Veerappan, it was really good to watch the movie, it was good.  Again this got me thinking if system makes them the culprits or poverty makes them heroes for some.  What is right and what is wrong...  but on a very positive note, I got on to the roof of our building for the first time and the view was spectacular, I wonder why the management does not put up a terrace garden or just a terrace view point.  That was the high point of the day along with a wonderful photo frame painted by the kid, so surprised and thrilled were we to see the outcome.

Why cant mind a come with a junk filter or drain which keeps such days away...

Mar 30, 2016

Parties and Potlucks

From a long time, I wanted to document my America Chronicles as a Desi Telugu stay at home mom :), oh wow, what a description of myself, actually that sums up my current life... Americaavasapu kadhalu, title kooda select chesi pettukunnaa but it never really took off.

So life is busy between parties and potlucks and panchayats :), yes they are the part and package, how and when and where and why you dont know but you would be sucked up into them invariably and inadvertently!!

That aside, there are quite a few things I have a whole lot of opinions on like for example, Srija's wedding, Madhu Priya's Fiasco and the eye opener though really late that "runaway brides" though they seem to do heroic deeds, how they end up eventually or the Armenian genocide that I have been reading about, the adult coloring that I have taken up, the odyssey of minds which I so wanted to do with the kid, the endless back to India debate, the global warming and the horror of not having snow, the spring that came in early only to go back to cold and windy, the fact that a quiet and calm kid turns aggressive and hyper out of the blue, the need to go to physical therapy, the need to stop watching the crap in the name of entertainment and many many many more...

but here I am hopping between parties and panchayats... both of which I hate to the core...!!!!!

Mar 29, 2016

The root cause...

You talk about a problem and then you talk about it and then you only TALK ABOUT a problem and do nothing about resolving it and that is your ACTUAL problem.  You just get 10 seconds to talk about it and then if you are not doing anything about it, the only person you are going to talk to about it is THAT PERSON...

Was watching Grey's while folding a mountain of laundry which kind of is not seemingly going to end any time soon and how simply put is this... :).

I have had people who go on and on and on and o and come with one crib or another about a perfectly happy or maybe not so perfectly happy situation they are in, but then we are just their dumping grounds, only expected to listen, be sad for them, cluck in between and say oh my goodness this is the most difficult phase in your life, again and again and again even if it is about the dog that is barking 2 streets away not letting that person sleep peacefully (I know i am being sarcastic) but then yes, I take it initially for a few times but with age and some sensibility I just avoid them and run away... :).

I had to type this in before you know I just let it go... so here I go back to folding that mountain, which is looking like a hill and maybe in a few minutes nothing left :)... aww the pleasure of everything being in its place pressed and folded and in place without having to lift a finger and not costing a bomb... Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!!  

Mar 28, 2016

One of those days

Some days just pass by, with so many calls, useless chatting nothing constructive as such... the eye pain, earpain and in general all aches and pains that surface on a lazy day.

Got my bluetooth speaker after trying all possible ways to pull out the headphone jack stuck in the system and then brooding over the fact that it is a new lappy and all that...

lazy lazy lazy no thoughts forming, random, lazy lazy lazy....

Mar 27, 2016

Open to what extent?

I have recently read the book Time Pass by Protima Bedi which she could not complete because of her sudden demise but put together posthumously by her daughter from Protima's journal.  I was surprised, shocked at many places not because of her lifestyle or anything but her guts to expose it anyway, even if the world might term her a woman of loose morals, she did not fear the consequences.  I always wondered how life of children of parents who live dangerously (in my opinion) would be, how they will struggle and survive in their growing up years, what would that make them, would they resent or get carried away by the flow... what are morals and who sets a standard and who are the guardians... and that set me thinking will I ever be able to put out things that openly ever anywhere or even dare to think about my life as openly and critically to myself????

 Probably no or maybe yes but not without so much internal struggle, not without restlessness, agitation and understanding coming much much later.

Coming to that will I be able to put anything on this blog without being politically correct even under anonymity..??

For that matter, can you talk or say to someone or even put on paper/blog everything that comes to your mind just like that...  Not me, not yet.

The Cook In Me

I must have mentioned like a million times the fact that my size and my love for food has got nothing to do with my love for cooking or my culinary skills, in fact it is inversely proportional if I must say.. but I am trying to love what I cannot NOT DO.  While I still curse the moment human kind decided to cook there by giving us the prep, cut, cook, clean later on tasks in stead of eating directly in the actual form the nature offers us like all other beings do :), I must admit that I have become a reasonably okay cook.  Okay cook to the point that I miss my cooking if I eat somewhere else for longer period, miss my simple as less ingredients as possible kind of cooking, mostly one pot meals.  Okay cook to the point where people ask me the recipes and try them out and actually mean when they compliment.

Refreshing to see that change after the jokes of "you are so thin because you cant really eat what you cook" "nobody can get sick with the food you cook as it apt for the patients, no salt, no spice, no taste"  "we would like to enjoy the dish so please stop cooking"... wow, when I look back the people around me have been so negative and part of me was responding to their opinion :) and that did not help my reluctance to cook :).

With the new phase of people looking forward for me to cook, I am still not into cooking, not the least motivated, I cook because we have to survive.  I love to eat but cooking is for someone else :).

PS:  I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it :), so am sticking to my commitment to post once a day :)... touchwood :)

Mar 25, 2016

Passport to Space - Beginning!!!

With the kid turning 7 in just under a month, my idea was to gift her with a telescope so that she could venture into the unending space.  After researching on our dear old trusted genie google and narrowed down on the fact that a space binoculars as opposed to a telescope would a good start for a budding astronomer.  And then we know that there is this astronomical viewing and a lecture on Mercury transit in the observatory and go there.  Me in a hope to find someone who is an authority on this subject to help me pick the kid's gift and the kid to actually look through the telescope and look at Mercury...

Well, we did not get to see Mercury but we did see Jupiter and 2 bands on it, bright and clear  and the kid just loves it.... full of facts, excited on seeing the biggest planet visible to the naked eye usually, much closer and rich withe experience of knowing a lot more facts about movements of celestial bodies...

transit, occlutation and eclipse with examples and videos and simple demonstrations, good to start learning with the kid, enjoying it thoroughly and waiting for more...

As to buying a binoculars I have a couple of thoughts provided... One dont buy anything bring her to more viewings, let the interest build and then get something really good (sounds wise), go ahead anyway with the binoculars it is always a good buy...

what will I eventually end up doing... need to wait and watch.

Om Shanthi Oshana - 100 Days of Love

What do these both movies have in common :)... well nothing other than the fact that they are on einthusan, fabulous prints with subtitles and were suggested by friends.  I just fell in love with Nivin, shy boy next door, rugged and cute at the same time, both of them are really cute feel good love stories with strong underlying messages which are not preachy or loud.

The true movie bug that I am, I happen to watch Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and of late Malayalam with or without subtitles..

Mar 24, 2016

Hitudu - A noble way of living

I love JPB's voice, it has that solid base which is endearing, love his attitude to life even better, good guy.  Happened to watch Hitudu on friend's recommendation, it was good more than a movie felt like a docu-drama or a DD film, noble intentions, nice thoughts, good performances.  Is it practical to live a life like that, the guy was close to a saint.  Can one live in the society like that, too many observations put subtly across to touch your heart and look into yourself..

As a child, watching a few movies felt that Naxalism was an answer to many things, communism/communists are the problem solvers, leftist views are the best, then as I grew begin to understand that is not how changes are made, being on the run is not the way to help the needy, it is a bloody path which serves none.  A phase of waiting for a leader to bring some changes, no it does not work that way too.  Then comes the realization change begins with you, however small it is, it is worth it.  Try some thing in full enthusiastic mode and then nothing goes anywhere and then comes in the soothing thought... you know what, the best way to be is to live without troubling another individual, see I actually dont need to actually do anything just be, how convenient.

When I look back and think about a good and noble way of living, is just not harming any one and trying to help when I can so that my ego gets satisfied... a lot of changes need to be made, but most importantly these simple things and the constant reminder of SIMPLE LIVING AND HIGH THINKING makes a good start..

Mar 23, 2016

Of lost posts and fillers

The other day I was watching Hitudu, got a lot to ponder about in the movie, had actually written a big post for today on that but lost the content... keeping in view that I wanted to keep the posts going, I just put this point in and off I go to watch 100 Days of Love in my Malayalam spree :).

Mar 22, 2016

Premam - Grows On You Slowly

I have been watching a lot of movies of late... aww, why beat around the bush, all I have been doing is watching TV these days so I happen to watch a lot of movies too.

A while ago, Yem Maya Chesave and then Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu had this kind of an impact on me, which made go back and watch them again.  This one is much more addictive, it is like a visual poetry, subtle emotions, Nivin at his best, that authentic Mallu flavor, sweet Malar and even the girl Celine he marries, everything so natural.  Each character you could relate to or would have seen, close to real life.  The few friends who mean everything to us, who are there every corner of your life, the crushes, the crashes and how life moves on..  that mass and softness in an individual, everything we can relate to and agree and enjoy watching on celluloid, some really good performances.

Some movies just go beyond the language barriers, one such was Bangalore days, which you end up watching and wanting more of it.  I have seen it thrice and have never felt bored, the visuals are good, the portrayal is too good...

It suits the typical my style... Just loved the rockankutthu song, the ease with which the girl does that, just blows me over along with her simple smile, cute and just makes me forget the teacher student love angle which could be bungled with unnecessary drama or over action but the subject is dealt wonderfully delicately without being offensive.

Mar 21, 2016

Officially the Addict...

No one has to really tell me the fact that I am an addict to the social media, TV and everything and anything that has no use per se but takes up whole or the most part of your life like nothing ever does.

There was a time when Farmville was the craze and I got into it, but what jolted me out of it was that i was waking up to harvest and feeling tired to wake up and feed the kid, the kid had been the top priority then and I got rid of it just like that.. but now things are different the child goes to school most of the day, then she has the activities which do not need much supervision or presence there I go off to the alluring world which does not need much thinking, watching TV, movies, browsing gathering the most useless information and feel dog tired without actually doing anything...

Also, there is another virtual group where I get carried away and no matter how much I try I cannot disentangle and putting that on paper here means that I have accepted defeat which I would not like otherwise, me being me, so the thing is here it goes and let me see if I get regular here and leave it out there.  The world of superficial feelings where I am trying to explain myself, how I feel about what I do or what I think they should do rather than living the moment.

There is so much more going on with life, the decision of to be or not to be in US, a lot of thinking and rethinking and the urge to go back getting stronger and stronger.  I hate being stranded in a country which technically terms me as an "alien" in their land and having no legal permission to work is something that adds to teh woes.  What can one who does not drive do to keep oneself sane without getting into the routine desi squabbles with the ladies in the groups that you tend to become a part of unknowingly, struggling to fit in where you dont belong, trying desperately to stay there for the sake of your child rather than anything else, being fed up with the only people you interact being the kid, kids friends, parents of kids friends or the colleagues of OA and their wives.

It is tiring, taxing and most importantly killing some part of me within.... so there it goes, my turmoil, out for all to see, nothing big but nothing small either... I am trying to figure out a way and the adjustment is taking its toll on a lot of things including the kid, need to shake it off...

Mar 12, 2016

Who or where is the person who was once in here???

I was trying to restart being regular to the blog and failed time and again and suddenly when I try to make some changes to the template and pep it up a bit to bring in change and motivate me, I see person I no longer recognize or remember from very distant past, the person who is not the now me, need to search for the person I once was or be happy and work on the person I am right now, a choice i need to make, a need to find something to be passionate about than mundane living....  

Podaam egiregiri podaam - Oopiri

Another good one.

Podaam egiregiri podaam endaaka ante yemo andaam
podaam ikkadne undi alavaataipotaam manake manam

ye daari poovule parichi manani rammannado aa daarilo
evvarini choosina navvule virise hello ane hushaarulo
podaama, podaama podaama podaama ho aakasam anchulni tadutoo - 2-
chalo podaama podaamaa  podaama podaama manani maname tadutoo

Kannulaney veedananey ye nidaro, entavaruko nannu naake choopaleda
oohalaki rekka todigi, aasalaki dikku telipi
gunde layaku kotta parugu nerputonde
lelemmani melukommani gillindilaa allarigaa
gaallo ilaa telipommani pilupe..-podaama-

Mar 1, 2016

Oka life Okatante Okate life - Oopiri

Good one.

I loved this song when I heard the lyrics first and any doubts, it is Sirivennela Sir as usual... :) and no more doubts, it has been on the loop since.

Oka life okatante okate life -2-

Idi kaade anukuntu vadileste vere avakaasam raade
Idi inte anukunte vandellu nede jeevinche veelunde -oka-

Ey.. Em ledani manam choodaale gaani oopiri leda, oohalu leva...
neekosam nuvve levaa

cheekatiki rangulese kalalenno neetodai vastundaga
ontariga levani...
 aasakkooda aasani kaliginchey ayuvu anedundevaruku, inkedo ledani anaku okko kshanamu ee bratuku kottade neeku - oka-

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