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Mar 24, 2016

Hitudu - A noble way of living

I love JPB's voice, it has that solid base which is endearing, love his attitude to life even better, good guy.  Happened to watch Hitudu on friend's recommendation, it was good more than a movie felt like a docu-drama or a DD film, noble intentions, nice thoughts, good performances.  Is it practical to live a life like that, the guy was close to a saint.  Can one live in the society like that, too many observations put subtly across to touch your heart and look into yourself..

As a child, watching a few movies felt that Naxalism was an answer to many things, communism/communists are the problem solvers, leftist views are the best, then as I grew begin to understand that is not how changes are made, being on the run is not the way to help the needy, it is a bloody path which serves none.  A phase of waiting for a leader to bring some changes, no it does not work that way too.  Then comes the realization change begins with you, however small it is, it is worth it.  Try some thing in full enthusiastic mode and then nothing goes anywhere and then comes in the soothing thought... you know what, the best way to be is to live without troubling another individual, see I actually dont need to actually do anything just be, how convenient.

When I look back and think about a good and noble way of living, is just not harming any one and trying to help when I can so that my ego gets satisfied... a lot of changes need to be made, but most importantly these simple things and the constant reminder of SIMPLE LIVING AND HIGH THINKING makes a good start..

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ramesh said...

And then don't rely on others' judgement whether you troubled them or not for the soothing thought to last longer, until the next incremental change on your moral compass :)


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