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Mar 1, 2016

Oka life Okatante Okate life - Oopiri

Good one.

I loved this song when I heard the lyrics first and any doubts, it is Sirivennela Sir as usual... :) and no more doubts, it has been on the loop since.

Oka life okatante okate life -2-

Idi kaade anukuntu vadileste vere avakaasam raade
Idi inte anukunte vandellu nede jeevinche veelunde -oka-

Ey.. Em ledani manam choodaale gaani oopiri leda, oohalu leva...
neekosam nuvve levaa

cheekatiki rangulese kalalenno neetodai vastundaga
ontariga levani...
 aasakkooda aasani kaliginchey ayuvu anedundevaruku, inkedo ledani anaku okko kshanamu ee bratuku kottade neeku - oka-

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