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Mar 30, 2016

Parties and Potlucks

From a long time, I wanted to document my America Chronicles as a Desi Telugu stay at home mom :), oh wow, what a description of myself, actually that sums up my current life... Americaavasapu kadhalu, title kooda select chesi pettukunnaa but it never really took off.

So life is busy between parties and potlucks and panchayats :), yes they are the part and package, how and when and where and why you dont know but you would be sucked up into them invariably and inadvertently!!

That aside, there are quite a few things I have a whole lot of opinions on like for example, Srija's wedding, Madhu Priya's Fiasco and the eye opener though really late that "runaway brides" though they seem to do heroic deeds, how they end up eventually or the Armenian genocide that I have been reading about, the adult coloring that I have taken up, the odyssey of minds which I so wanted to do with the kid, the endless back to India debate, the global warming and the horror of not having snow, the spring that came in early only to go back to cold and windy, the fact that a quiet and calm kid turns aggressive and hyper out of the blue, the need to go to physical therapy, the need to stop watching the crap in the name of entertainment and many many many more...

but here I am hopping between parties and panchayats... both of which I hate to the core...!!!!!

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