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Mar 22, 2016

Premam - Grows On You Slowly

I have been watching a lot of movies of late... aww, why beat around the bush, all I have been doing is watching TV these days so I happen to watch a lot of movies too.

A while ago, Yem Maya Chesave and then Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu had this kind of an impact on me, which made go back and watch them again.  This one is much more addictive, it is like a visual poetry, subtle emotions, Nivin at his best, that authentic Mallu flavor, sweet Malar and even the girl Celine he marries, everything so natural.  Each character you could relate to or would have seen, close to real life.  The few friends who mean everything to us, who are there every corner of your life, the crushes, the crashes and how life moves on..  that mass and softness in an individual, everything we can relate to and agree and enjoy watching on celluloid, some really good performances.

Some movies just go beyond the language barriers, one such was Bangalore days, which you end up watching and wanting more of it.  I have seen it thrice and have never felt bored, the visuals are good, the portrayal is too good...

It suits the typical my style... Just loved the rockankutthu song, the ease with which the girl does that, just blows me over along with her simple smile, cute and just makes me forget the teacher student love angle which could be bungled with unnecessary drama or over action but the subject is dealt wonderfully delicately without being offensive.

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