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Mar 31, 2016

Sucking the life out of life...

How easy is it for some people to suck life out of other's lives... it need not be you but the people who want to share stuff with you can also pull down our energy levels so badly... it is one such day.  A person spreads around negativity and a whole lot of collateral damage, I hear out some out of "ati mohamaatam" and trust me nothing can be as bad as that.  Like the other day's lesson, I had eventually given a headsup that I dont want to hear about any issue with that person in question EVER again.  It is easy to most difficult tasks single handedly but being in company of people who drain is "oh my God" kind of pain...

Technically I did nothing whole day, but cant term it a rest day 'cos it was a totally restless day trying to sleep but tossing around, trying to work but yawning around... phew!!!!

Finished Killing Veerappan, it was really good to watch the movie, it was good.  Again this got me thinking if system makes them the culprits or poverty makes them heroes for some.  What is right and what is wrong...  but on a very positive note, I got on to the roof of our building for the first time and the view was spectacular, I wonder why the management does not put up a terrace garden or just a terrace view point.  That was the high point of the day along with a wonderful photo frame painted by the kid, so surprised and thrilled were we to see the outcome.

Why cant mind a come with a junk filter or drain which keeps such days away...

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