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Mar 27, 2016

The Cook In Me

I must have mentioned like a million times the fact that my size and my love for food has got nothing to do with my love for cooking or my culinary skills, in fact it is inversely proportional if I must say.. but I am trying to love what I cannot NOT DO.  While I still curse the moment human kind decided to cook there by giving us the prep, cut, cook, clean later on tasks in stead of eating directly in the actual form the nature offers us like all other beings do :), I must admit that I have become a reasonably okay cook.  Okay cook to the point that I miss my cooking if I eat somewhere else for longer period, miss my simple as less ingredients as possible kind of cooking, mostly one pot meals.  Okay cook to the point where people ask me the recipes and try them out and actually mean when they compliment.

Refreshing to see that change after the jokes of "you are so thin because you cant really eat what you cook" "nobody can get sick with the food you cook as it apt for the patients, no salt, no spice, no taste"  "we would like to enjoy the dish so please stop cooking"... wow, when I look back the people around me have been so negative and part of me was responding to their opinion :) and that did not help my reluctance to cook :).

With the new phase of people looking forward for me to cook, I am still not into cooking, not the least motivated, I cook because we have to survive.  I love to eat but cooking is for someone else :).

PS:  I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it :), so am sticking to my commitment to post once a day :)... touchwood :)

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