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Mar 29, 2016

The root cause...

You talk about a problem and then you talk about it and then you only TALK ABOUT a problem and do nothing about resolving it and that is your ACTUAL problem.  You just get 10 seconds to talk about it and then if you are not doing anything about it, the only person you are going to talk to about it is THAT PERSON...

Was watching Grey's while folding a mountain of laundry which kind of is not seemingly going to end any time soon and how simply put is this... :).

I have had people who go on and on and on and o and come with one crib or another about a perfectly happy or maybe not so perfectly happy situation they are in, but then we are just their dumping grounds, only expected to listen, be sad for them, cluck in between and say oh my goodness this is the most difficult phase in your life, again and again and again even if it is about the dog that is barking 2 streets away not letting that person sleep peacefully (I know i am being sarcastic) but then yes, I take it initially for a few times but with age and some sensibility I just avoid them and run away... :).

I had to type this in before you know I just let it go... so here I go back to folding that mountain, which is looking like a hill and maybe in a few minutes nothing left :)... aww the pleasure of everything being in its place pressed and folded and in place without having to lift a finger and not costing a bomb... Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!!  

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