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Mar 27, 2016

Open to what extent?

I have recently read the book Time Pass by Protima Bedi which she could not complete because of her sudden demise but put together posthumously by her daughter from Protima's journal.  I was surprised, shocked at many places not because of her lifestyle or anything but her guts to expose it anyway, even if the world might term her a woman of loose morals, she did not fear the consequences.  I always wondered how life of children of parents who live dangerously (in my opinion) would be, how they will struggle and survive in their growing up years, what would that make them, would they resent or get carried away by the flow... what are morals and who sets a standard and who are the guardians... and that set me thinking will I ever be able to put out things that openly ever anywhere or even dare to think about my life as openly and critically to myself????

 Probably no or maybe yes but not without so much internal struggle, not without restlessness, agitation and understanding coming much much later.

Coming to that will I be able to put anything on this blog without being politically correct even under anonymity..??

For that matter, can you talk or say to someone or even put on paper/blog everything that comes to your mind just like that...  Not me, not yet.

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Suree said...

Wow.. i had similar thoughts while wrting many of my blogposts .Infact i still have couple of posts in drafts as i thought it will be too OPEN and might cause critisicm.

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