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Apr 2, 2016

A For April and America

The month of April has a lot of significance in my life, in fact that is when my life began and also that is the month the life within me was brought into this world, 9th the LO's birthday and 18th mine.  Two births in a lifetime, as a person and as a mom.

When I was told the kid was to have the same date of birth as me, I was happy for a moment, hesitant for a while (i wouldnt want her to have the bumpy ride that I had) and then when she had to be taken out surgically before time due to low amniotic fluid, she still was an April baby, the number 9 :).

and then the other significant A in my life is America, coming here has changed my life in many many ways.  I have come with dreams in my eyes, love in my heart, left it heartbroken and came back to restart, each time as a dependent, tying up my fate with OA, giving myself a reason to trust him for a life together and then for the future of the child, trying to find that magic that brought us together again.  I guess some things are lost forever or maybe you will find it just like that without trying too hard some time or the other, but whatever it is, here I am... yet again at crossroads, this time deciding to stay or to go back.

Like everything else in life, it has the pros and cons too.. America has widened my horizons and understanding people better, yet at the time it has restricted me in many ways as a non-working Alien in the immigration terminology.  A part of me longs to back there and take in the fresh air of belonging there and a part of me is unsure but then that is an unending dilemma...

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