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Apr 3, 2016

B For Blogging

Blogging has been a crucial thing in my most struggling phase of life, it kept me going, it kept me focused, I made a lot of friends down there, met some wonderful friends, people who just came to this spot and made sure to read 100s of posts and put in efforts to let me know and get in touch and appreciate, unknown, invisible people who read and actually made a point to let me know it did matter and I was normal, thanks a million.

In fact when I look back the phases where I had posted regularly were when I was at my best, had taken an active interest in life and the vacuum had really stress and vacuum filled in.  My best buddy, my space in this internet and an open dairy, a few people know who I am and a few dont, so a semi-anonymous blogger that I am, I hang on to this space for my sanity and that is proven many a time.

I was reading through my old posts randomly and find glimpses of the person I once was and the current stranger in my body gets a nudge to go away and bring back the now forgotten original or the current original to give way to once upon a time original...

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