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Apr 5, 2016

E for Entertainment

Entertainment is the primary source of my time pass in the non working days.  It has become an addiction is another thing altogether.

Entertaining nosey people and noisy people in life is something that I would like to stop, I set about working on it and seems to be working good.

Entertaining people at home is not my cup of tea, the parties where the sugar loaded kids are running around, parents trying to get them at one place and calm down, ladies discussing gold and fashion, gents jobs, sports (cricket), stocks or whatever it is... I am hating myself to the core to be a part of it, so if some one expects me to entertain in such a way... EXCUSE ME :) please...

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Deepa said...

I can relate to the way you feel about people and their ideas of entertainment these days! Totally! Visiting you from the A-Z signup list!

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