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Apr 6, 2016

F - Friends

If there is anything in life that I value the most other than my daughter, it is the friends.  There are quite of things in your life that are out of ones control but friends are the ones you choose, pick and keep them for life.  I am lucky to have some wonderful friends who look out for me, who think about me and place at a pedestal in their lives where it means a lot them and what can I say more than that I have been blessed.

Like everyone else, I have had some regrets and friends who have seen me through them, kept encouraging me to go on.  A friend who comes down to meet me when I need a pep talk just like that, lots of them offering help in any which way they can, friends who treat LO like their daughter, friends who ensure that I am fine.  I must agree that I put in a lot of effort in relationships but of late I have just cut off myself from them just the way I did with other things in life.  I dont call them often, I dont find out what is going on in their lives, I just pray they are fine.  Is it good, NOO.. what am I doing other than posting it here, well I need to put it in practice..

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Deepa said...

Blessed are those who have friends. For they are the angels in disguise! :)
Good luck with the rest of A-Z and good wishes for the carefree writing you do on your blog.

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